Canadian party leaders, politicians weigh in on the signing of NAFTA 2.0

Canadian politicians weigh in on the sighing of a renegotiated NAFTA agreement in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this morning.

'Free and fair trade leads to more and better-paying middle-class jobs for more people': Trudeau

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Canadian politicians weigh in on the signing of a renegotiated NAFTA agreement in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this morning. 

There's much more work to do in lowering trade barriers and in fostering growth that benefits everyone.  But reaching a new free trade agreement with the United States and Mexico is a major step for our economy. Canadians got here because Team Canada was driven by the interests of the middle class.  Free and fair trade leads to more and better-paying middle-class jobs for more people.  And the benefits of trade must be broadly and fairly shared.  That is what modernizing NAFTA achieves, and that is why it was always so important to get this new agreement done right.

— Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

(Canadian Press)

"The Americans are counting their victories in what they got from Canada and Trudeau is counting his victories in what he didn't have to give away... This deal includes a cap, a limit to what Canadian agricultural producers can sell to other countries. Not the U.S., not to Mexico, but to other countries. That is devastating to our agricultural communities. It's unprecedented for a government, for a prime minister to agree, in order to please the Americans, not to sell to other countries so that they can sell, so that American farmers can fill that market. ... This deal is not better than what we had going into these talks. There's no gains for Canada. It's all concessions, no victories."

— Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer

(Canadian Press)

"Trudeau has just sacrificed tens of thousands of good jobs in Canada. He has given in to Donald Trump and given up the last lever Canada had to protect farmers and tens of thousands of workers in Canada's aluminum and steel industries. The Trudeau government promised repeatedly that it would defend Canada's supply management system and fight against Trump's illegal tariffs, but instead he has dealt a devastating blow to supply management and signed away any leverage we had to stop the tariffs."

—NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh


"Trudeau lied to dairy producers. He promised them he would never sign an agreement that gave the Americans the right to decide how we organize our production. He signed that agreement this morning. He promised that he'd never let Donald Trump stop our producers from selling their surpluses on the global market. He did that. The Liberals' word means nothing."

—Bloc Quebecois international trade critic Gabriel Ste-Marie

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