Trudeau holds firm on premiers' health care funding demands

The prime minister is declining premiers' request for more federal funds for provincial health care and says a conversation on that will only happen after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

PM says conversation about federal health funding will have to wait until after pandemic

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau holds a press conference in Ottawa Friday, March 5, 2021. (The Canadian Press)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today the federal government will keep its spending focus on emergency aid and won't talk about long-term health care funding until after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

He said Ottawa needs to keep supporting those hit hard financially by the pandemic, having sent billions in aid to businesses and individuals, as well as to the provinces.

Speaking at a midday press conference, Trudeau said that short-term view can't yet give way to longer-term concerns about the effect COVID-19 is having on Canada's provincially run health care systems.

On Thursday, the country's premiers repeated their demand for a handsome increase in the unconditional transfer payment the federal government sends provinces and territories each year for health care.

The federal government this year will transfer to the provinces nearly $42 billion for health care, under an arrangement that sees the amount rise by at least three per cent each year.

Premiers argue that amount doesn't keep pace with yearly cost increases of about five per cent, which would mean Ottawa would have to add $28 billion this year to cover just over one-third of national costs, and about $4 billion annually thereafter.

WATCH: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reacts to provinces' call for more health funding

Trudeau addresses premiers' calls for more health care funding

1 year ago
Duration 1:41
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addresses calls from the country's premiers for the federal government to shoulder a larger share of health care costs.

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