Trudeau's new escalator-themed ad raises eyebrows online

A new Liberal ad shows Justin Trudeau walking up a downwards escalator in an apparent metaphor for economic woes during Harper's time as prime minister, puzzling people online.

A few Twitter users made jokes about his inability to climb a descending escalator

Trudeau attempts to climb a descending escalator in a 29-second campaign ad called "Escalator: Harder to get ahead." (Liberal Party of Canada/YouTube)

Justin Trudeau's new escalator-themed ad is raising eyebrows on social media. 

In the 29-second ad titled "Escalator: Harder to get ahead," Trudeau walks in place on a downward moving elevator, in what he describes as a metaphor for "What's happening to millions of Canadians in 10 years under Stephen Harper."

This ad was produced by the Liberal Party of Canada. It is embedded here for informational purposes and does not constitute an endorsement by CBC News.

There were more than a few jokes on Twitter.

Many about not knowing how to climb an escalator.

And the need to respect escalators.

Stephen Taylor, a conservative political consultant, noted another time Trudeau had escalator troubles.

Another suggested that the ad presents a possible election alternative.

The ad did have its fans.

And its detractors.

But it could have been worse.