Justin Trudeau on 60 Minutes: Twitter pulls no punches for new PM

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down with 60 Minutes’s Lara Logan, in a feature interview that can be seen as an easy-to-digest Coles Notes for Americans about Canada’s new young leader.

Interview is an easy-to-digest Coles Notes for Americans about Canada’s new young leader

60 Minutes journalist Lara Logan interviewed Trudeau for the program. While not exactly a fawning interview like other pieces that have been published about Trudeau, it was no Frost/Nixon, either. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sat down with 60 Minutes's Lara Logan, in a feature interview that can be seen as an easy-to-digest Coles Notes for Americans about Canada's new young leader.

The American reaction to the interview, which aired Sunday at 7 p.m. ET, was overwhelmingly positive, with many tweeting their desire to move to Canada (again). 

Logan highlighted some of Trudeau's notable decisions since he became prime minister in the fall, and gave background on his life growing up with a famous father.

Unsurprisingly, Trudeau's 2012 charity boxing match against suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau was a particular hit with the online crowd.

At one point, the program showed a photo of Pierre Trudeau with former girlfriend and actress Kim Cattrall, but erroneously stated that it was his wife Margaret Trudeau.

Canadians on Twitter didn't miss the mistake.

But the actress herself took the mistake in stride:

While not exactly fawning like the recent Vogue article about Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, the interview was no Frost/Nixon.

In addition to the sit-down interview, the program followed Trudeau to Parliament Hill in Ottawa, to his boxing gym in Montreal and to the winter carnival in Quebec City, Bonhomme included. 

The last question was poignant to many in Canada and the U.S, with Logan asking Trudeau what Canadians dislike about their southern neighbours.

Trudeau answered that Canadians want a little more attention.

"Because you can't be Canadian without being aware of at least one other country, the United States, because it's so important to us," he said. "I think we sometimes like to think that, you know, Americans will pay attention to us from time to time, too."

That prompted a tweet from Calgary MP Jason Kenney.

The interview comes ahead of a big night for Trudeau — on Thursday, he'll be the first Canadian Prime Minister to be honoured with a state dinner at the White House in almost 20 years.

Watch the 60 Minutes interview below.


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