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Power & Politics: Top 5 political blunders of 2016

What were the biggest political blunders of the year? CBC News Network's Power & Politics counts down the top cringeworthy moments of 2016.

Opposition drops inquiry to Justin Trudeau's 'elbowgate' incident

An all-party parliamentary committee has decided not to pursue any punishment against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the "elbowgate" incident that rocked the House of Commons on May 18.

All-party committee to study Elbowgate consequences for Justin Trudeau

Former MP Keith Martin says there is no way Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should face any more punishment for the ruckus that erupted when he tried to hurry a Conservative to his seat, knocking a New Democrat with his elbow in the process.

Canadians shrug off Justin Trudeau's elbow, polls suggest

While two polls published this week show that most Canadians are aware of the 'Elbowgate' controversy, a majority said the altercation in the House was much ado about nothing. And, the polls suggest, it has had no impact on the party's support.

Elbow blunder could stick to smooth-sailing Trudeau like a barnacle: Neil Macdonald

Justin Trudeau had been enjoying smooth sailing as prime minister until he barged his way into a crowd in the House of Commons this week. It could prove to be the kind of mistake that slows him down, Neil Macdonald writes.

Ruth Ellen Brosseau target of personal attacks since being elbowed by Trudeau

Quebec NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau says she has become the target of personal attacks from members of the public since she was elbowed in the House of Commons by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday.

Trudeau grab an assault? Maybe technically, but PM unlikely to be charged

Following the fracas on the floor of the House of Commons Wednesday night, opposition members of Parliament have taken turns scolding Justin Trudeau for his behaviour, with some even suggesting that the prime minister might be guilty of a crime.

Trudeau's elbow neither the beginning nor the end of Liberal troubles: Chris Hall

The grab. The elbow. The condemnation. Together, they neatly sum up one of the strangest weeks in the history of the House of Commons, Chris Hall writes.

At Issue panel: Justin Trudeau's apology enough to limit damage done?

Panelists Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hébert and Shachi Kurl had their say on Thursday night's At Issue on the Ottawa story that took everyone by surprise — Justin Trudeau grabbing one MP, while elbowing another in the process.

Justin Trudeau apologizes

Just hours after Justin Trudeau apologized again for his conduct yesterday, the government withdrew the controversial motion which led to it all.

Justin Trudeau apologetic and castigated after elbowing his way into trouble

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau strode purposefully into a furor of his own making on Wednesday. On Thursday, as he rose again to apologize, the Liberal members did not applaud. Nearly everyone and everything is applauded by at least someone in the House of Commons — but not today.

Why Elizabeth May thinks Parliament needs to get past Elbowgate

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says Parliament needs to get back to work after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's elbowing incident on Wednesday that she says occurred in the midst of "partisan trickery."

Justin Trudeau apologizes for 'failing to live up to a higher standard'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized Thursday morning again for a physical encounter with two opposition MPs in the House the night before. MPs spent hours debating a motion about Trudeau's conduct before voting to send the matter to a committee for further study.

Justin Trudeau's elbow punctuates his least sunny day: Aaron Wherry

After the bells have rung for the allotted time, the whips enter the House of Commons, walk up the aisle towards the Speaker and bow towards the chair. It is this bit of pageantry that led Justin Trudeau to be accused of manhandling a fellow MP and elbowing another in the chest.

How the 'elbow incident' in the House of Commons unfolded

CBC’s Catherine Cullen walks through what happened on Parliament Hill – and how people are reacting.

Peter Van Loan: Trudeau had 'anger fierce in his eyes'

Conservative MP Peter Van Loan describes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's actions in the House of Commons from his seat near the fracas.

Peter Julian: 'physical force in this House is never permitted'

NDP MP Peter Julian reacts to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's actions in the House of Commons.

Justin Trudeau apologizes for his actions in the House

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explains what happened in the House leading up to his actions and apologizes for his role in the incident.

Justin Trudeau's actions cause uproar in House

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grabs Tory MP Gord Brown and also appears to bump NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the House of Commons Wednesday.

Justin Trudeau's elbowing incident leaves House in an uproar

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was accused of "manhandling" Opposition whip Gord Brown and elbowing NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the House of Commons as MPs gathered for a vote on the government's assisted-dying bill Wednesday afternoon.