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Foreign workers allege 'life savings' paid for Mac's jobs that didn't exist

Foreign workers who allege they paid thousands of dollars to secure non-existent jobs at Mac’s convenience stores have had their claims certified as a class action lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court.

B.C. wildfire smoke partly to blame for Washington state farm worker's death, say advocates

A temporary farm worker has died in Washington state and advocacy groups have blamed poor working conditions, in part due to smoke from B.C. wildfires.

Restaurant employees locked out in Labrador West, owners AWOL

The doors to two franchise restaurants in Labrador City have been closed for more than a week. Staff say they did not get any notice.

Migrant worker investment good news for seafood processors

The P.E.I. Seafood Processors Association was pleased to hear about investments in the Temporary Foreign Workers Program in the federal budget Wednesday.

Syrian pastry chef lands sweet gig in Nova Scotia

Newcomer who arrived three months ago is not only working in his field, but helping a local business address a worker shortage.

P.E.I. groups call changes for temporary foreign workers 'encouraging'

Islanders involved with temporary foreign workers are encouraged by changes to the program just announced by the federal government.

Temporary foreign worker program review to be launched by Liberals

Employment Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk says she'll ask a parliamentary committee to review the temporary foreign worker program following feedback she's received from Canadians who say reforms brought in by the previous government "failed workers."

Express entry, foreign worker reforms attract 'fewer' skilled workers: chamber report

Businesses risks losing their competitive edge because immigration reforms brought in under the previous Conservative government have made it difficult to attract highly skilled workers, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce says.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program: 'Stiff' new penalties coming Dec. 1

The federal government has announced "stiff new consequences" for employers who break the rules when hiring foreign workers, but stakeholders who are pleased with some of the changes are also concerned with the lack of an independent appeal process.
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Nanny program stonewalled by Ottawa, frustrated parents say

Parents who say they’re tearing their hair out trying to apply for a foreign nanny accuse the federal government of stringing them along for political reasons. “We're pawns in a game that's supposed to look like families are getting helped, but they're not,” says an Edmonton father.

Sunday Scrum: Iraq, parole and foreign workers

Our panel discusses the death of Sgt. Andrew Doiron, the government's proposed parole legislation and some controversial comments about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Ex-Tim Hortons temporary foreign workers fear deportation after whistleblowing

Two whistleblowers who exposed problems with Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker program are nervously awaiting a government decision on their fate.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program sanctions Alberta lodging company

The owners of Noralta Lodge Ltd. in Nisku, Alta., have been barred from using the Temporary Foreign Worker Program for two years after an investigation found the company provided "false" or "misleading" information in support of their applications for foreign workers.
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Foreign worker paid consultant $25K to get visa, but arrived to find no job

An Ontario immigration consultant is under investigation for charging foreign clients up to $25,000 to help them enter Canada to work at low-skill jobs. In at least one case, the worker arrived to find the employer no longer existed.

Jim Prentice says foreign workers to top 1st meeting with PM

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice says new rules for temporary foreign workers are making it very difficult for some businesses to fill jobs and hopes to work with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on a solution.
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Canadians expose foreign worker 'mess' in oilsands

Canadian tradesmen from a huge oilsands construction project are waving a red flag about safety hazards and near misses, which they blame on the use of foreign workers who aren’t qualified and can’t speak English.

Temporary foreign worker changes side-swipe fashion industry

Canadian retailers, modelling agencies, photographers and hundreds of members of the fashion industry want the federal government to expedite applications to bring in foreign models and eliminate the $1,000 fee employers must pay for every foreign worker they hire.

Temporary foreign worker agency Actyl Group sues McDonald's Canada

Actyl Group, which recruits temporary foreign workers on behalf of Canadian employers, has filed suit against McDonald's Canada alleging breach of contract and defamation. McDonald's use of workers supplied by the agency was the subject of CBC News stories this year.

Labrador couple fighting temporary foreign worker ban faces CBSA probe

A Labrador couple under investigation by the Canada Border Services Agency has launched a legal challenge against the federal government after the two were publicly blacklisted from using the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Temporary foreign workers: Businesses needing skilled workers sideswiped by changes

Canadian employers who use the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to hire high-skilled workers say they have been sideswiped by changes intended to curb abuses of the program by businesses in the fast-food sector.

Temporary Foreign Workers: Film, TV industry assured timely permits

Representatives from the film and TV industry say Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has given them his personal assurance that new rules for temporary foreign workers won't discourage foreign actors and directors from doing business in Canada.

Temporary foreign worker reforms raise ire of film, TV industry

Representatives of Canada's film and TV industry have met with Immigration Minister Chris Alexander in Vancouver to discuss recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Temporary Foreign Worker changes raise ire of film, TV industry

Representatives for Canada's film and TV industry are meeting with Immigration Minister Chris Alexander in Vancouver today to discuss recent changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, which they say lumps them in with employers who hire low-skilled workers in the fast-food industry.

Jason Kenney to get an earful from provinces who need low-skilled workers

Employment Minister Jason Kenney is meeting with provincial and territorial labour ministers in Charlottetown today.

Nova Scotia trucking company OK'd to hire temporary foreign workers

A federal investigation has concluded the owners of Eassons Transport Ltd., a trucking company in Nova Scotia, did not abuse the rules of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Reprieve found for Labrador Jungle Jim's restaurant

A restaurant in Happy Valley-Goose Bay that was set to close on Tuesday will stay open after all, thanks to the approval of two foreign workers.

New documents on foreign worker program

Documents obtained by CBC News show Jason Kenney was aware of abuses in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program up to five years ago

Shortage of skilled workers could jeopardize the economy

Employment Minister Jason Kenney says a shortage of skilled workers is the biggest challenge many Canadian businesses face today, warning it could also jeopardize Canada's economic development in the future. Two justice activists disrupted Kenney's news conference on Wednesday over changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

More closures likely without temporary foreign workers: St. John's Board of Trade

The chair of the St. John's Board of Trade is warning that small businesses may be forced to close because of the changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

Sunday Scrum: changes to foreign worker program

Ottawa toughens the rules to crack down on abuses of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, but not everyone likes the quick fix

Jason Kenney effectively phasing out temporary foreign workers in low-wage jobs

Employment Minister Jason Kenney considered shutting down the low-skilled stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program altogether, but decided to phase it out instead, he says in an interview airing Saturday on CBC Radio's The House.

MPs on Temporary Foreign Worker Program changes

Jinny Sims and John McCallum discuss the overhaul. Will proposed overhaul prevent abuse of the program or could it cripple some small businesses?

Jason Kenney on foreign worker program

Employment minister discusses the changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program announced by the government on Friday

Milewski: Temporary foreign worker changes

The CBC's Terry Milewski looks at Employment Minister Jason Kenney's latest attempt to fix the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Excerpts of Jason Kenney's announcement

Employment minister details the rule changes associated with the troubled Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Temporary foreign worker overhaul imposes limits, hikes inspections

Employment Minister Jason Kenney and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announce an overhaul of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, effectively conceding there has been growing abuse of the program and a driving down of wages.

Temporary Foreign Worker program to be made more transparent

The government will cut the size and scope of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, as well as make public which employers use the program, when it unveil its long-awaited reforms on Friday, CBC News has learned.

Skilled immigrants to get express entry to fill labour market needs

The federal government is addressing one of the main criticisms of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program through a new immigration system it plans to launch in 2015. Skilled immigrants who want to come to Canada as permanent residents will be offered express entry as a way to help meet the country's labour needs.
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Parvaz Film Corp. blacklisted following CBC Go Public investigation

The federal government has placed a second B.C. company on the public blacklist for its Temporary Foreign Worker Program as a result of a CBC Go Public investigation.

Alberta needs foreign workers

Kyle Fawcett, Alberta's labour minister, is pushing Ottawa for more control over the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Audit of Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Gil McGowan of the Alberta Federation of Labour says thousands are being paid minimum wage, which helps employers drive down pay scales

Filipino chef in St. John's fears he may have to leave country

A Filipino man working at a St. John's restaurant fears his dream of becoming a Canadian citizen is disappearing because of the current moratorium on temporary foreign workers.

On Point: How the foreign worker program loss will slam Lab West

The suspension of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program could have a calamitous effect on small businesses in the mining towns of Labrador City and Wabush, warns Advanced Education and Skills Minister Kevin O'Brien.
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Film company accused of foreign worker fraud, extortion

An Iranian couple goes public about how a B.C. business charged the pair $15,000 to come to Canada — a violation of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program rules — for jobs that turned out to be non-existent.

TFW program reforms

Gil McGowan and Dan Kelly debate Ottawa's proposed reforms to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Temporary Foreign Worker Program sanctions trucking company

Paul Easson doesn't think his N.S. company has broken the rules

Temporary Foreign Worker Program sanctions Nova Scotia trucking company

The federal government sanctioned a fourth employer that was using the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, pending an investigation into the company's requests for Labour Market Opinions, which are required to prove the need to hire a temporary foreign worker over a Canadian.

Temporary foreign workers battle morphs into all-party letter war

The political brawl over temporary foreign workers turned into a war of written words Thursday as partisan opponents brandished one another's damning letters in the House of Commons in an effort to discredit their rivals.

Political Traction

Navigator Limited's Jaime Watt with poll numbers on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Rob Ford, and the Ontario election

Red Lake depends on foreign workers, mayor says

The Mayor of Red Lake calls the Temporary Foreign Worker program a necessity for his community.

Moratorium worries foreign workers

Ottawa's moratorium on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program has left thousands of workers in limbo and uncertain about their futures

MPs on foreign worker program controversy

Politicians debate whether Ottawa is doing enough to fix abuses of its Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Sunday Scrum: pensions and foreign workers

Susan Riley, Rosemary Barton and Jamie Watt discuss the government's shared risk pension plan and the controversy over the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Foreign worker program abuse won't be tolerated, Jason Kenney warns

The government's decision to impose moratorium on the fast-food industry's access to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program will send employers "a very clear message" that abuse will not be tolerated, says Employment Minister Jason Kenney.

McDonald's Canada CEO calls foreign worker controversy 'bullshit'

The CEO of McDonald's Canada branded recent criticism of its use of temporary foreign workers 'bullshit' in a conference call to franchisees, according to a recording of the call given to the CBC.

Temporary foreign worker investigation

The federal government has announced an immediate moratorium on the entire fast-food sector's access to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Kathy Tomlinson reports

TFW program linked to joblessness

A new report suggests the government's Temporary Foreign Worker Program increases the unemployment rate in some sectors of the economy and parts of the country.

Foreign worker controversy

MPs debate whether Ottawa should suspend the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to root out problems and determine a fix

McDonald's foreign worker practices halted in face of investigation

McDonald's Canada is putting its temporary foreign worker program on hold while a third party conducts an audit on its use of the plan.

Replace Temporary Foreign Worker Program with immigration, say experts

As the federal government grapples with yet another controversy involving temporary foreign workers, economists and immigration experts say that attracting low-skilled foreign workers could be one of the solutions at hand.

Temporary foreign workers fill gaps, businesses say

Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program has come under fire lately after a few companies abused the rules, but some people using the program in New Brunswick say it does more good than harm.
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McDonald's foreign worker practices face growing investigation

The federal investigation into McDonald’s use of temporary foreign workers has widened to several other locations, as more local workers speak out about feeling sidelined and shortchanged.

McDonald's franchisee could face charges over foreign workers

The owner of three McDonald's locations in Victoria, B.C., could face criminal prosecution if an investigation finds he lied on an application to hire temporary foreign workers, Employment Minister Jason Kenney says.

Finley on changes to EI

Human Resources Minister Diane Finley talks about new changes to Employment Insurance and comments on the controversy over the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Foreigners taking Canadian jobs?

MPs Shelly Glover, Peggy Nash and Scott Brison discuss NDP Leader Tom Mulcair's criticism of the Conservative government's Temporary Foreign Worker Program