Rocky Mountain hotels, restaurants doubt help will arrive in time for summer tourist season

Retailers, hotel operators and restaurant owners have much in common in Banff and Canmore: almost all of them are looking for help. They're doubtful new federal guidelines to ease the hiring of temporary foreign workers will deliver results this summer.

Ferrari fracas threatens would-be Penticton pizza chef's chance at immigration

Flaminio Ferrari is as proud of his pizza as he is his last name. But the Penticton pasta preparer has no delusions about being the only Ferrari in the restaurant business — not in Canada and certainly not in Italy.

Temporary foreign worker couple from Mexico in employment limbo

A couple from Mexico with a newborn baby who have been working on Prince Edward Island under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is facing months of unemployment after what they believe was a paperwork mix-up.
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Foreign workers can ease N.L.'s workforce woes, but those who've used the system see big flaws

As the food industry's labour shortage drags on, newcomers are touted as one possible solution — but both temporary foreign workers and the businesses looking to bring them in say the current model doesn't work.

Quebec signs deal with Ottawa to allow more temporary foreign workers in province

Quebec has reached a deal with Ottawa that will allow up to 20 per cent more temporary foreign workers in the province to work in low-wage jobs.

Quebec produce company apologizes for workers' unsanitary living conditions

The CEO of Productions Horticoles Demers is apologizing to temporary foreign workers after visiting the company's unsanitary facilities.

Middle and high school students to process lobster after temporary foreign worker ban

With lobster processing set to begin Sunday, desperate New Brunswick seafood plants are turning to high school and even middle school students to fill the gap left by temporary foreign workers.

8 temporary foreign workers test positive for COVID-19 while quarantined this spring

Eight temporary foreign workers who arrived in B.C. to work on farms this spring developed COVID-19 symptoms while quarantined by the province in a hotel.

Green Party candidate apologizes for calling temporary worker program 'modern-day slavery'

A Green Party candidate in Manitoba is apologizing for calling Canada's temporary foreign worker program "modern-day slavery" during a federal election campaign debate, a comment that has outraged fruit farmers who depend heavily on labourers from other countries.

Foreign workers allege 'life savings' paid for Mac's jobs that didn't exist

Foreign workers who allege they paid thousands of dollars to secure non-existent jobs at Mac’s convenience stores have had their claims certified as a class action lawsuit in B.C. Supreme Court.

B.C. wildfire smoke partly to blame for Washington state farm worker's death, say advocates

A temporary farm worker has died in Washington state and advocacy groups have blamed poor working conditions, in part due to smoke from B.C. wildfires.

Restaurant employees locked out in Labrador West, owners AWOL

The doors to two franchise restaurants in Labrador City have been closed for more than a week. Staff say they did not get any notice.

Migrant worker investment good news for seafood processors

The P.E.I. Seafood Processors Association was pleased to hear about investments in the Temporary Foreign Workers Program in the federal budget Wednesday.

Temporary foreign worker program: 4 changes needed, Reis Pagtakhan says

Winnipeg immigration lawyer Reis Pagtakhan says there are four things about Canada's temporary foreign worker program that should change once a parliamentary committee finishes its review of the program.

Syrian pastry chef lands sweet gig in Nova Scotia

Newcomer who arrived three months ago is not only working in his field, but helping a local business address a worker shortage.

P.E.I. groups call changes for temporary foreign workers 'encouraging'

Islanders involved with temporary foreign workers are encouraged by changes to the program just announced by the federal government.

Temporary foreign worker program review to be launched by Liberals

Employment Minister MaryAnn Mihychuk says she'll ask a parliamentary committee to review the temporary foreign worker program following feedback she's received from Canadians who say reforms brought in by the previous government "failed workers."

Liberal review of temporary foreign worker program welcomed by some Alberta businesses

The federal government wants to look at changes to the temporary foreign worker program brought in by the previous Conservative regime.

Express entry, foreign worker reforms attract 'fewer' skilled workers: chamber report

Businesses risks losing their competitive edge because immigration reforms brought in under the previous Conservative government have made it difficult to attract highly skilled workers, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce says.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program: 'Stiff' new penalties coming Dec. 1

The federal government has announced "stiff new consequences" for employers who break the rules when hiring foreign workers, but stakeholders who are pleased with some of the changes are also concerned with the lack of an independent appeal process.
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Nanny program stonewalled by Ottawa, frustrated parents say

Parents who say they’re tearing their hair out trying to apply for a foreign nanny accuse the federal government of stringing them along for political reasons. “We're pawns in a game that's supposed to look like families are getting helped, but they're not,” says an Edmonton father.

Foreign worker changes block fish plant worker from N.B. return

A former Cap-Pelé fish plant worker who used her Canadian wages to support four children back in the Philippines, says she's been blocked from returning to New Brunswick due to changes to Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker program.



Time's up for many foreign workers

Gil McGowan, president of the Alberta Federation of Labour, says the temporary foreign worker program makes no sense



John McCallum on 'whities' comment

Liberal MP calls on prime minister to remove John Williamson from caucus over comment.



Sunday Scrum: Iraq, parole and foreign workers

Our panel discusses the death of Sgt. Andrew Doiron, the government's proposed parole legislation and some controversial comments about the Temporary Foreign Worker Program