Mike Duffy testimony reveals more details, but Crown avoids $90K cheque

Anyone who had been expecting Mike Duffy to drop a political bombshell will surely feel disappointed by his testimony. Instead, court mostly heard the senator provide expanded explanations to many arguments that had already been advanced by his lawyer.


Mike Duffy trial: Defence rests case as Crown wraps up cross-examination of senator

Mike Duffy turned out to be the only defence witness to testify at his criminal trial as his legal team rested its case today following the Crown's two-day cross-examination of the senator in an Ottawa courtroom.


PMO's payback expense scheme benefited Stephen Harper, not Mike Duffy, senator says

Mike Duffy testified that Stephen Harper benefited politically by having the senator capitulate to a Prime Minister's Office scheme in which he would admit he mistakenly made expense claims on his Ottawa residence and that he would repay the amount.


Mike Duffy says he resisted PMO plan for housing expense repayment 'at every opportunity'

Senator Mike Duffy testified that he resisted "at every opportunity" a scenario proposed by members of Stephen Harper's PMO to have him publicly acknowledge he was mistaken to claim housing allowances for his Ottawa home and that he would repay.

Forget Mike Duffy — the scandal is the Senate

If Senator Mike Duffy's defence is correct — and he may well be — then almost anything goes in Canada's farce of an upper chamber.

Mike Duffy defends arrangement to pay controversial expenses

Mike Duffy said hiring his colleague Gerald Donohue as a general contractor who then paid for some of the senator's expenses the Crown now contends were inappropriate was a valid payment structure.

Mike Duffy insists all his travel claims are legit, denies billing for dog show

Senator Mike Duffy denied Crown allegations that he billed taxpayers to attend a dog show or visit his family in Vancouver, insisting repeatedly he never inappropriately expensed travel claims that are at the centre of his criminal trial.


Mike Duffy denies he broke rules or had motive to defraud the Senate

Senator Mike Duffy denied in court testimony Wednesday that he has ever broken Senate rules or had any motive to defraud the Senate, attempting to counter allegations that his precarious financial situation prompted him to claim inappropriate expenses.

Mike Duffy testifies that Stephen Harper insisted he represent P.E.I.

Mike Duffy, testifying for the first time at his criminal trial, said former prime minister Stephen Harper ignored his concerns about being appointed a senator for P.E.I. and insisted that if he were to join the Senate, he must represent that province.

Mike Duffy trial: Crown done with final witness, setting stage for senator to testify

The Crown in the Mike Duffy trial has finished with its final witness and is expected to rest its case on Tuesday, setting the stage for the senator to testify on his own behalf.

Mike Duffy's testifying in his own defence not without risk

When Mike Duffy takes the witness box in courtroom 33 this week, the senator will do what he has been itching to do since his trial began — offer, in his own voice, his defence against the 31 charges of fraud, bribery and breach of trust he now faces.

Mike Duffy trial: Gerry Donohue's Senate contract deal avoided tax 'disadvantage'

Gerald Donohue, who received contracts worth thousands of dollars from Senator Mike Duffy, said he had cheques made out to his wife's company because direct payment would have put him at a "disadvantage" with Canada's tax agency.

Senator Mike Duffy to star in the last chapter of his long trial

The P.E.I. senator is expected to take the stand, once the Crown wraps up its case. Duffy has said almost nothing publicly since the trial began in April.

Mike Duffy trial: Harper's gone, but Senate scandal lingers: Rosemary Barton

When last we left this place, the importance of every word was being weighed in courtroom 33 and beyond. The next phase of the Mike Duffy trial begins tomorrow, but save for one witness, the spotlight has already begun to fade on the Ottawa courthouse.

Stephen Harper says Mike Duffy met requirements to represent P.E.I. in Senate

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is defending his decision to appoint Mike Duffy as a senator for P.E.I., saying that the former Ottawa broadcaster met the bar of owning a residence in the province.

Mike Duffy trial: Former, current PMO aides' court chat showed 'poor judgment'

A former director of issues management at the Prime Minister's Office who was being cross-examined at the Mike Duffy trial may not have been acting improperly by chatting at the Ottawa courthouse with the current holder of the job, but it showed poor judgment, criminal lawyers say.

Mike Duffy scandal aftermath leaves only 1 person outcast from Tory party

Mike Duffy remains the only true persona non grata in the Conservative party. Other Conservatives involved in the scandal have been kept inside the fold, even receiving promotions, with only one staffer, Nigel Wright, ever repudiated for his role in the coverup.

Mike Duffy trial: Crown, defence cases overshadowed by political bombshells

Political revelations from the third phase of the Mike Duffy trial made for great headlines. However, much more crucial to the senator, and to an extent overshadowed by the headlines from the Ottawa trial, was the respective cases being laid out by the Crown and defence.


Chris Woodcock, ex-PMO top aide, 'uncomfortable' with attempt to drop auditor review of Duffy

As the third phase of the Mike Duffy trial wrapped up today, a former top aide at the Prime Minister's Office testified he felt "uncomfortable" that the PMO was attempting to get an independent auditor "locked in" to drop its review of the senator.
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Chris Woodcock, ex-PMO aide, says he didn't know Wright repaid Duffy's expenses

Mike Duffy's lawyer battled it out in court today with a former senior staffer in the Prime Minister's Office over his insistence that he never a read a line in an email from Nigel Wright that said he had personally repaid the senator's expenses.
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Benjamin Perrin, ex-PMO lawyer, believed Harper OK'd details of plan to repay Duffy's expenses

A former legal adviser of the Prime Minister's Office said he believed Stephen Harper had directly approved the details of a plan by members of his staff to pay back Mike Duffy's living expenses.
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