Budget's real estate top-up could push up the price of cheaper homes: Don Pittis

Wondering how the government's budget measures will affect the housing market? You're not alone.

Incentives in federal budget could drive up housing demand on P.E.I. even more, says economics prof

Offering incentives to first-time home buyers could drive up demand — and with it, prices — when what P.E.I.’s housing crunch really needs is more supply, says UPEI economics professor Jim Sentance.

An unusually eventful budget day sets the stage for the coming election

Bill Morneau’s fourth budget is in the books, and that’s a good thing since he didn’t get a chance to deliver his speech in the Commons on Tuesday because of the din made by Conservative MPs determined to keep the public’s attention on the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Budget 2019: Highlights of Bill Morneau's fourth federal budget

Finance Minister Bill Morneau has tabled his fourth federal budget - his final one before the next election in October. Read the highlights.

Buying a home? CMHC could soon kick in 10% of the cost — for a price

The 2019 federal budget includes a tantalizing pitch for prospective first-time homebuyers — one that could see Canada's housing agency contribute up to 10 per cent of the purchase price of a home and bring down the mortgage load for borrowers.

Budget includes watchdog agency for border officers

Canadians will soon be able to lodge complaints with an independent watchdog if they feel they were mistreated by a border officer.

Liberals dust off Conservative playbook for a worried dairy sector

Faced with an anxious dairy industry poised to complicate the next federal election for the Liberals — particularly in rural ridings in Quebec and Ontario — the federal Liberals are reviving the previous Conservative government's compensation plan to ease the pain of recent trade agreements.

Quebec municipalities already drafting spending plans for $500M surprise from feds

Municipalities across Canada are getting an unexpected infusion of cash for infrastructure projects, announced in yesterday's federal budget — and $500 million is coming to Quebec.

Liberals table a pre-election budget designed to ease Canadians' anxieties

Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled a pre-election budget today designed to calm Canadians worried about retiring with financial security, getting the skills they need to land new jobs, or being able to afford a first home.

Morneau's budget speech drowned out by shouts of 'let her speak'

Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau has tabled his government's 2019 budget, getting around a threat by the Opposition Conservatives to stir up a disruption because Liberal MPs on the justice committee had shut down an investigation into the SNC-Lavalin affair.

Watson welcomes federal budget boost for municipalities

The federal budget includes a $2.2 billion surprise for Canadian municipalities facing a long list of infrastructure needs.

Budget 2019: Liberals add $4.5B for Indigenous services as reconciliation effort continues

The federal Liberal government plans to spend $4.5 billion over the next five years to try to narrow the socio-economic gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people — part of a plan to keep reconciliation at the forefront of this fall's campaign narrative.

The budget and you: What Morneau's spending plan means to households' bottom lines

The Trudeau government’s new budget targets the first-time homebuyer who wants an electric car in the driveway, some job-training and a subscription to a digital news website.

Liberals look to shore up veterans vote with transition cash

The Liberal government is pouring $135 million over six years into the system that attempts to smooth veterans’ transition from uniforms to civilian life.

How to watch CBC's coverage of federal budget 2019

Finance Minister Bill Morneau will deliver his fourth budget in the House of Commons on Tuesday. Here's how to follow CBC News coverage.

5 things to watch for in the Liberal election budget today

With an election looming and the SNC-Lavalin scandal showing no signs of letting up, the Liberal government is expected to deliver a budget today that offers supports for seniors and skills training and sets the stage for a national pharmacare program.

FSIN hopes for significant investment into education, housing in budget

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations in Saskatchewan is calling for meaningful investments in First Nations education and housing in today's federal budget.

Special At Issue: Federal Budget 2019

Bill Morneau has tabled his pre-election budget hoping to change the channel on the SNC-Lavalin controversy, but the opposition wouldn't let them have it. So whose messaging was the loudest? And what does this budget tell us about Liberals' campaign strategy? Rosemary Barton hosts Chantal Hébert, Andrew Coyne and Althia Raj for a special Budget Day At Issue.

Ottawa to announce plans for talks with Indigenous groups on Trans Mountain equity stake, revenue sharing

Ottawa will soon announce plans for exploratory talks with Indigenous groups on possible equity and revenue-sharing arrangements on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, according to a letter written by Finance Minister Bill Morneau and obtained by CBC News.

Liberals thwart Conservative attempt to delay budget unless Wilson-Raybould makes 2nd appearance

The Liberals have stepped in to thwart Conservative plans that could have stalled the tabling of the federal budget if the Liberal majority on the House of Commons justice committee blocks Jody Wilson-Raybould from testifying again. 

Morneau set to table high-stakes election year budget as SNC-Lavalin scandal rages on

Finance Minister Bill Morneau tables his federal budget Tuesday, a high-stakes, election-year spending plan that could be as much about politics as it is about fiscal policy.

Budget 2019 will create 'lifelong learning' accounts: sources

The federal government will establish personalized accounts to help Canadians pay for lifelong learning and skills development in next week’s budget, CBC News has learned.

Liberals to introduce federal budget on March 19

The Liberal government will introduce the final budget of its current term in office on March 19, the finance minister told MPs in the House of Commons today.

Use budget to boost competitiveness and prepare economy for a downturn, Business Council tells Morneau

The Business Council of Canada is urging the federal finance minister to include several measures in the upcoming budget to make Canada more competitive — and brace it for the next economic downturn.