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Budget bill checks off Conservatives' pre-election 'to-do' list

The Harper government has tabled its budget implementation bill, which once again contains more than just this year's budget measures. The legislation, expected to pass before Parliament rises for the summer, reads like a pre-election must-do list for the Conservatives.

$2.7B employment insurance surplus balanced Joe Oliver's books

Remember 20 years ago, when big surpluses in the employment insurance fund gave the Chrétien government billions in extra federal revenue? For two years only — just until 2017 — those days are back. And it's just enough to nudge Finance Minister Joe Oliver's books into the black in time for this year's election.

Complex income tax system costing Canadians: study

It's crunch time for procrastinators across the country, thanks to this Thursday's deadline for filing personal income taxes. But with more than 120 different federal tax credits to claim, experts say it's now become so complicated, you're probably missing out on hundreds of dollars owed to you.
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Federal budget 2015: Tom Mulcair, Scott Brison on what they'd do

With a general election fast approaching, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal finance critic Scott Brison go beyond critiquing the Conservatives' federal budget and present their own economic blueprints to host Evan Solomon on CBC Radio's The House.

TFSA limit change takes effect immediately, Ottawa clarifies

Canadians don't need to wait for the budget to be passed before taking advantage of the TFSA changes announced in it, officials at the Canada Revenue Agency and Finance Department said Friday.

Canada's honour system vital in age of instant fame, says Governor General

In an age where the Internet can make anyone famous, Canada's official honours system is more important than ever but also needs to catch up with the times, Governor General David Johnston said Thursday in an exclusive interview with The Canadian Press.

Defence budget battle on as Liberals claim spending to hit historical low

Numbers compiled by the federal Liberals suggest spending on the Canadian military will hit a historic low in the coming decade, despite a planned Conservative injection of $11.8 billion starting in 2017.

Stephen Harper: "That's utterly false" TFSAs will be costly

Prime Minister Stephen Harper disputes criticism of his plan to increase the limits of tax-free savings accounts to $10,000 a year.

Jason Kenney says $12B military budget boost a 'huge improvement'

Defence Minister Jason Kenney says the nearly $12 billion boost to the military in Tuesday's federal budget is a "huge improvement" since the Liberal "decade of darkness."

TFSAs, middle class focus of heated question period as Harper defends Oliver

Opposition MPs repeatedly questioned Prime Minister Stephen Harper about Finance Minister Joe Oliver's statement that any government revenue shortfall created decades from now by the tax-free savings account increases in the federal budget would be a matter for Harper's granddaughter to solve.

Tom Mulcair presses PM on tax cuts for 'wealthiest few'

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, Prime Minister Stephen Harper battle over the pros and cons of tax-free savings account increases.

Tom Mulcair says 2015 federal budget helps 'wealthy few'

The federal budget benefits "the wealthiest few at the expense of everyone else,” NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said after the Conservatives laid out their 2015 economic plan on Tuesday.

Pierre Poilievre says $900M hit to public servants 'set in stone'

Ottawa MP Pierre Poilievre was a guest on Ottawa Morning Wednesday to discuss what the federal budget will mean for the capital and the public sector, and here's what he had to say.

Justin Trudeau to reveal major economic plank now that fiscal landscape clear

Justin Trudeau is starting to show some of his economic cards now that the Conservative government has laid its election hand on the table.

Joe Oliver's budget speech RAW

Finance Minister Joe Oliver delivers his 2015 budget speech in the House of Commons on Tuesday, April 21.

Federal budget 2015: Parliament Hill, security agencies getting more money

Canada's national security agencies will get additional funding under the 2015 federal budget, including more money for security at military bases and for the country's lone intelligence review organization.

Federal budget 2015 Revenue vs. expenses

View an interactive chart showing the federal government's revenues vs. expenses.

Federal budget 2015: Canada to spend $210M on 150th birthday party

​The federal government is planning to spend $210 million to throw Canada's 150th birthday celebrations in Ottawa and communities across the country.​

Federal budget 2015: How Joe Oliver balanced the books

Finance Minister Joe Oliver unveiled a balanced budget Tuesday that posts a $1.4-billion surplus largely on the strength of money already banked from asset sales and by holding a little less money aside for unexpected pitfalls down the line.

Federal budget 2015: Highlights of Joe Oliver's fiscal plan

Finance Minister Joe Oliver has tabled his first federal budget in the House of Commons. Here's a look at the budget's key themes.

Federal budget 2015: Conservatives dig into contingency to hit surplus

Finance Minister Joe Oliver has managed to keep the Conservatives' 2011 election promise to return Canada to a surplus in 2015 with a federal budget that has the government spending $1.4 billion less than it takes in – despite a spate of pre-election tax cuts announced last fall.

Federal budget 2015: Watch the speech, read the documents

Watch Finance Minister Joe Oliver's budget speech and replay our budget day live blog, including our chats with CBC's Don Pittis and experts Sahir Khan and Janice McKinnon.

Cracks seen in Canada's economy as Joe Oliver delivers budget

Low oil prices are creating cracks in Canada's economy, as Finance Minister Joe Oliver prepares to balance the federal budget. Household debt is at a record high as the creation of full time jobs slows.

Budget 2015: 6 elements to watch for

The Conservatives delayed the 2015 federal budget beyond the start of the new fiscal year, citing economic uncertainty because of the effects of low oil prices. Now that budget time is here, CBC News gives you six points to watch for in Finance Minister Joe Oliver's first federal budget.

Federal budget 2015: Oliver opts for 'New Balance' shoes ahead of budget

In keeping with tradition, federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver purchased a pair of new shoes Monday, opting for sneakers from the "New Balance" brand as he pledges to bring in a balanced budget.

How the oil shock turned federal budget wish lists into watery wine

Only about six months ago, the Harper government's surplus kitty for budget day goodies in the 2015-16 fiscal plan was said to have swelled to $6.5 billion. By October, however, everything started to change.

RRIF rules may get overhaul in budget

Changes to rules on RRIFs are likely in the upcoming federal budget, as the Conservative party courts seniors and near-seniors.

Cheques and balances, the inherent problem with an election budget

Tuesday's federal budget is expected to highlight what the Conservatives like to call the "fragile" economic recovery. But this being an election year it will almost certainly offer what media folks unfailingly refer to as a "goodie," Chris Hall writes.

Greg Rickford pushes back following B.C. premier's spill response criticism

Under intense criticism from the B.C. premier for what she called the "totally unacceptable" federal response to the toxic spill in Vancouver's English Bay, the government's Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford responded by calling Premier Christy Clark's response "premature."

Federal budget 2015: Joe Oliver slashes growth projection, will still balance books

Joe Oliver wasn't tipping his hand Thursday about what to expect in his first budget, except to suggest that things aren't looking good for the Canadian economy in the short term.

'Balanced budget' bill a political move, says former PBO Kevin Page

Former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page calls the Conservatives' announced legislation to force future governments to balance their books a "political" move with far-reaching consequences.

Joe Oliver says 'balanced budget' legislation avoids repeating 'mistakes'

Joe Oliver won't table his next budget for two more weeks, but the federal finance minister announced today that he'll table a second bill this month — one to force future governments to keep their books in the black.

Stephen Harper rejects stimulus to help economy, vows balanced budget

Stephen Harper is making it clear there's pretty much nothing that will keep him from balancing the federal budget this fiscal year.

Paul Martin blasts Conservative economic plan ahead of budget

Dismissing the Conservative economic plan as "an absolute disgrace" and "nonsensical," former Liberal prime minister Paul Martin has leapt into the debate over Finance Minister Joe Oliver's April 21 budget.

Harper reincarnates family allowance with universal child-care benefit

A few decades ago it was the Liberals and the NDP attacking a Conservative government for even thinking about messing with monthly cheques sent to Canadian families. How times have changed.

Conservatives defend child-care benefits in wake of PBO report

A new report by Canada's parliamentary budget officer shows more than half of the money Ottawa intends to put toward child care this year will go to families with little or no child-care expenses.

Ottawa reports $3.3B deficit for first eight months of 2014-15

The Canadian government says it posted a budgetary deficit of $3.3 billion over the first eight months of the 2014-15 fiscal year — a considerable change from the $13.4 billion shortfall over the same period in 2013-14.