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Dissecting the paths to victory for the 13 Conservative leadership candidates

Maxime Bernier is the favourite to win the Conservative leadership on Saturday. But he is not the only one with a chance of taking the title. What path do the other 12 candidates need to take in order to win?

How the Conservative leadership vote could be won, ballot by ballot

An analysis of fundraising data provides clues as to which Conservative leadership candidates have most to gain from the preferential ballot — and how the final count could go down.

Maxime Bernier's broad regional donor base edges out remaining rivals

Maxime Bernier is now the clear front-runner in the Conservative Leadership Index following Kevin O'Leary's withdrawal from the race.

How the Conservative Leadership Index works

The index gauges each candidate's support in the race to lead the Conservative Party of Canada.

Maxime Bernier, Kevin O'Leary retain lead in Conservative leadership race

The Conservative leadership race will be won member-by-member, and that means the leadership contestants might want to visit some unlikely corners of the country.

Leitch slides, O'Leary gains in Conservative Leadership Index

The latest update to the Conservative Leadership Index suggests Maxime Bernier and Kevin O'Leary are still the front-runners, but some of their opponents are making gains.



Maxime Bernier, Kevin O'Leary lead Conservative leadership field, data suggests

An analysis of four metrics, including fundraising and polls, suggests Maxime Bernier and Kevin O'Leary lead the pack in the Conservative leadership race.

The Pollcast: 3 months to go in the Conservative leadership race

Was Kevin O'Leary's decision to skip the Conservative leadership debate on Tuesday shrewd or misguided? Host Éric Grenier is joined by Conservative insiders Tim Powers and Chad Rogers to discuss where the race stands now.

Conservative leadership debate in Edmonton the latest to showcase political manoeuvring

The debates have given Conservative leadership candidates an opportunity to present their platforms, but their strategies for winning the race have also been on display.

Kevin O'Leary's Conservative leadership rivals struggle to raise profiles

The next leader of the Conservative Party could be an unknown to most Canadians — if it isn't Kevin O'Leary.