Why have all the federal leaders left out N.L.?

We're already halfway through the federal campaign, but a party leader has yet to make a stop in Newfoundland and Labrador, writes Peter Cowan.

Megan Leslie rules out NDP leadership bid: 'I don't want it'

Former NDP deputy leader Megan Leslie will not be running for party leadership in the race to replace Tom Mulcair, she told Chris Hall in an interview on The House midweek podcast.

Tom Mulcair's convention speech will put his NDP leadership on the line

Tom Mulcair knows the knives are out and pressure is on. "It's probably going to be the most important speech of my political career," the NDP leader tells Chris Hall in an interview on CBC Radio's The House.
The House

Will Tom Mulcair still be the leader of the NDP on Monday?

Tom Mulcair has been working the phones and shaking hands for weeks, fighting to keep his job. Will the NDP leader manage to convince enough delegates to stay on? Tom Mulcair sits down with The House to explain his pitch to party members.

In House: taking the pulse of the NDP convention

Our In House panelists, the Globe and Mail's Laura Stone and Canadian Press parliamentary reporter Kristy Kirkup, join The House to discuss the big questions from the NDP convention, starting with the biggest one: what will happen to Tom Mulcair?

MPs weigh in: where should the NDP go next?

Should Tom Mulcair stay or go? What should the party stand for in the future? MPs Sheri Benson and Matthew Dubé join us with their thoughts.

Justin Trudeau to be in Sudbury tomorrow as part of northern Ontario tour

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be visiting northern Ontario on Thursday — and CBC News has learned the Prime Minister will be making an announcement after that meeting.

The world meets Justin Trudeau and likes what it sees

Many people across the world who are unfamiliar with Canadian politics are only now seeing incoming prime minister Justin Trudeau for the first time. Some of them are pleasantly surprised.



Keith Boag: Is politics broken? We might share the blame

When we talk about disengagement and consider the question “Is Politics Broken?” the ensuing discussion tends usually toward our disappointments­­­. Would it kill us to ask, just for a change, whether some of the fault might also be in ourselves?

Larry Bagnell to be sworn in as Yukon MP Monday

Larry Bagnell will be sworn in as Yukon's MP Monday morning.

Critics cry foul as new Trans-Pacific Partnership details emerge

Experts and newly seated government officials are combing through the fine print of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement — revealing almost two dozen side deals with other countries and provisions that have alarmed some privacy and trade advocates.

Critics slam fine print in newly released Trans-Pacific Partnership text

Opponents of the fine print of the Trans-Pacific Partnership have come out swinging after the full text of the trade agreement, negotiated for years in secrecy, was released. Many are challenging the new Liberal government to decide to what extent, if any, it will throw its support behind the deal.

Judicial recount confirms NDP's Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet won in Hochelaga

New Democratic candidate Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet has been confirmed the winner over Liberal Marwah Rizqy in the riding of Hochelaga after a judicial recount.

Trans-Pacific Partnership text has been released

The long-awaited text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal was released on Thursday by New Zealand, revealing the details of a pact aimed at freeing up commerce in 40 per cent of the world's economy but criticized for its opacity, including by new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Elections Canada workers still waiting to be paid

Elections Canada worker Carol Witt thought she'd have a paycheque by now. Instead, she has to shorten a visit with her daughter in Vancouver because she can't afford it.

Judicial recount results arriving after narrow election wins

Judicial recounts have been ordered in a number of ridings where the results were tight following the federal election of Oct. 19. Here is a list of final recount results and recounts ordered to date.

Stephen Harper is gone, but his legacy isn't, Steven Zhou writes

How the Liberal Party will use its strong majority remains to be seen, but those predicting a sharp 180-degree turn in government towards a more progressive Canada should remember just how successful Harperism was.

What might a Liberal cabinet look like?

Cabinet-making is the ultimate political exercise. A balance of linguistic and geographic representation, gender, cultural diversity, individual strengths as well as egos, it requires finesse and ingenuity.


Defeated NDP MP Jack Harris: 'My plan was to get re-elected'

Former NDP MP Jack Harris reflects on the election, what the NDP learned from the campaign, and how he feels about his former caucus member-turned-PC candidate, Ryan Cleary.

Liberals won federal election despite ranking third in fundraising

Fundraising results during Canada's just-concluded federal election appear to confirm that money can't buy you love: the Liberals won the most seats on Oct. 19 but ranked third in fundraising for the third quarter of 2015.

Inside the Liberal and Conservative transitions

This week on The House, the challenges of transition. We talk about Justin Trudeau's mammoth task with former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin and newly re-elected Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland. Then, we discuss the impact of Stephen Harper's legacy on his party with Conservative MPs Diane Finley, Tony Clement and Michael Chong.

U.S. Steel claiming $2.2 billion in debt owed by former Stelco

The American arm of U.S. Steel is asking the courts to order its beleaguered Canadian counterpart to pay $2.2 billion in debt.


Defeated MP Peter Stoffer packs up eccentric Parliament Hill office after 18 years

Former NDP MP Peter Stoffer is packing up his office after being defeated in the election — and the Hill is about to get a lot less colorful. Rosemary Barton of Power & Politics visits Stoffer as he reflects on his 18-year run as an MP.

Judicial recounts ordered in two more ridings after narrow election wins

Two more judicial recounts have been ordered in ridings where the race was tight between Conservative and Liberal candidates during last Monday's election, bringing the total recount to three.

Tom Mulcair says niqab position was a defining moment of his political career

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair tells the Canadian Press that maintaining a principled approach on the niqab issue was one of the defining moments of his political career, in his first interview since last Monday's election.