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Megan Leslie rules out NDP leadership bid: 'I don't want it'

Former NDP deputy leader Megan Leslie will not be running for party leadership in the race to replace Tom Mulcair, she told Chris Hall in an interview on The House midweek podcast.

Tom Mulcair's convention speech will put his NDP leadership on the line

Tom Mulcair knows the knives are out and pressure is on. "It's probably going to be the most important speech of my political career," the NDP leader tells Chris Hall in an interview on CBC Radio's The House.

Justin Trudeau to be in Sudbury tomorrow as part of northern Ontario tour

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will be visiting northern Ontario on Thursday — and CBC News has learned the Prime Minister will be making an announcement after that meeting.

Larry Bagnell to be sworn in as Yukon MP Monday

Larry Bagnell will be sworn in as Yukon's MP Monday morning.

Critics cry foul as new Trans-Pacific Partnership details emerge

Experts and newly seated government officials are combing through the fine print of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement — revealing almost two dozen side deals with other countries and provisions that have alarmed some privacy and trade advocates.

Critics slam fine print in newly released Trans-Pacific Partnership text

Opponents of the fine print of the Trans-Pacific Partnership have come out swinging after the full text of the trade agreement, negotiated for years in secrecy, was released. Many are challenging the new Liberal government to decide to what extent, if any, it will throw its support behind the deal.

Judicial recount confirms NDP's Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet won in Hochelaga

New Democratic candidate Marjolaine Boutin-Sweet has been confirmed the winner over Liberal Marwah Rizqy in the riding of Hochelaga after a judicial recount.

Trans-Pacific Partnership text has been released

The long-awaited text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal was released on Thursday by New Zealand, revealing the details of a pact aimed at freeing up commerce in 40 per cent of the world's economy but criticized for its opacity, including by new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Elections Canada workers still waiting to be paid

Elections Canada worker Carol Witt thought she'd have a paycheque by now. Instead, she has to shorten a visit with her daughter in Vancouver because she can't afford it.

Stephen Harper is gone, but his legacy isn't, Steven Zhou writes

How the Liberal Party will use its strong majority remains to be seen, but those predicting a sharp 180-degree turn in government towards a more progressive Canada should remember just how successful Harperism was.

Defeated NDP MP Jack Harris: 'My plan was to get re-elected'

Former NDP MP Jack Harris reflects on the election, what the NDP learned from the campaign, and how he feels about his former caucus member-turned-PC candidate, Ryan Cleary.

Judicial recount results arriving after narrow election wins

Judicial recounts have been ordered in a number of ridings where the results were tight following the federal election of Oct. 19. Here is a list of final recount results and recounts ordered to date.

Liberals won federal election despite ranking third in fundraising

Fundraising results during Canada's just-concluded federal election appear to confirm that money can't buy you love: the Liberals won the most seats on Oct. 19 but ranked third in fundraising for the third quarter of 2015.

U.S. Steel claiming $2.2 billion in debt owed by former Stelco

The American arm of U.S. Steel is asking the courts to order its beleaguered Canadian counterpart to pay $2.2 billion in debt.

Defeated MP Peter Stoffer packs up eccentric Parliament Hill office after 18 years

Former NDP MP Peter Stoffer is packing up his office after being defeated in the election — and the Hill is about to get a lot less colorful. Rosemary Barton of Power & Politics visits Stoffer as he reflects on his 18-year run as an MP.

Judicial recounts ordered in two more ridings after narrow election wins

Two more judicial recounts have been ordered in ridings where the race was tight between Conservative and Liberal candidates during last Monday's election, bringing the total recount to three.

Tom Mulcair says niqab position was a defining moment of his political career

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair tells the Canadian Press that maintaining a principled approach on the niqab issue was one of the defining moments of his political career, in his first interview since last Monday's election.

Erin O'Toole, ex-Veterans Affair minister, to seek Conservative interim leadership

Outgoing Veterans Affairs Minister Erin O'Toole says he'll run for interim leader of the Conservative Party.

Canada votes 2015: why 24 riding gains didn't go Liberal

In Quebec, the BQ took nine ridings from the NDP and the Conservatives won six NDP seats and one BQ seat, while in the rest of Canada, it was the NDP that gained eight ridings from the Conservatives.

Recount sought in Montmagny—L'Islet—Kamouraska—Rivière-du-Loup

“There are things that lead us to believe that there were irregularities in the procedure," says co-chair of Liberal campaign.

Justin Trudeau has strong slate of aboriginal MPs when considering cabinet

As prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau starts choosing his first cabinet and considering how to implement the party's platform, one of his key decisions will be who to appoint as minister of Aboriginal Affairs.

Winnipeg Centre voters move from margins to mainstream

I will be forever grateful for the lessons I learned as a deputy returning officer in one of Canada’s poorest neighbourhoods, Kevin Longfield writes.

Diane Finley on the Conservative Party: 'Softer image might not hurt'

The woman who wants to temporarily lead the bruised Conservative Party says an inclusive approach would benefit the party by giving it a "softer image." Ontario MP Diane Finley, a veteran politician and the outgoing public works minister, has launched her bid to become interim leader.

An open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The host of CBC Radio's The Debaters offers the prime minister-designate good wishes and some advice for "Trudeau: Part Deux."

Why rural Manitobans vote Conservative

Rural voters in southern Manitoba overwhelmingly supported Conservative candidates in the federal election, but cracks in the blue base are starting to show.

Joe Oliver says Conservative defeat 'significant' but 'not devastating'

Canada's outgoing finance minister Joe Oliver says while the Conservative Party suffered a 'significant defeat' in Monday's election, he's confident it will recover from it if it can expand its support beyond its base.

Megan Leslie's emotional goodbye after 'devastating loss'

NDP deputy leader Megan Leslie has called the NDP losses on election night "devastating," and said the caucus needs the leadership of Tom Mulcair to keep the party steady.

Meet the Class of 2015: Notable rookies headed to Parliament Hill

There will be so many new faces on Parliament Hill when the House returns. The Liberal Party alone elected nearly 136 first-time MPs on Oct. 19. Here's a look at some notable new additions.

Why the polls called it, but seat projections missed

The polls called the election correctly, but seat projections predicted only a Liberal minority government. Éric Grenier explains why this happened, and what that tells us about Justin Trudeau's victory.

Diane Finley puts name forward to run for interim Conservative leader

Longtime MP and former cabinet minister Diane Finley says she intends to run for the interim leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe calls it quits again

Bloc Québécois chief Gilles Duceppe has announced that he will step aside once more from the leadership of the party he took over again last June. The newly elected MP for Rivière-du-Nord, Rhéal Fortin, takes over as interim leader.

Michelle Rempel ponders Conservative leadership run in series of late-night tweets

MP Michelle Rempel took to Twitter to express her thoughts on taking part in the Conservative leadership race. Here is a collection of her tweets and social media reaction.

Painting a pension picture for defeated Newfoundland MPs

The three incumbent Newfoundland and Labrador MPs who went down to defeat in Monday's federal election face varying circumstances when it comes to their pension entitlements.

Justin Trudeau's team begins transition to power

Still basking in the glow of victory, Justin Trudeau and his inner circle have already begun the complex business of transitioning to power. The prime minister-designate met with Stephen Harper on Wednesday to discuss the process.

Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe to step down

Gilles Duceppe will announce his resignation as leader of the Bloc Québécois on Thursday, Radio-Canada has learned.

Tightest race in the country won't have election recount, says new MP Daniel Blaikie

Newly elected Elmwood-Transcona MP Daniel Blaikie says he can get down to business now that his main opponent, Conservative Lawrence Toet, will not seek a recount of the election results in Monday's close race.

Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper meet as transition begins

Outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper met with prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau on Wednesday afternoon, marking a beginning in the official transition between the two leaders.

Prominent fisherman 'hit the ceiling' after Gail Shea election loss

Some leaders in the Newfoundland and Labrador fishing industry can hardly contain their enthusiasm about this week's convincing election win by the federal Liberals and their leader, prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau.

Election Pollcast: The view from the campaigns' final days

CBC reporters James Cudmore, Catherine Cullen and Tom Parry join host Eric Grenier to talk about what they saw with the campaigns in the final days. Download or listen to the podcast.

Former MP Bill Blaikie proud to see son Daniel win seat in Parliament

Former Elmwood-Transcona member of Parliament Bill Blaikie says it was gratifying to watch his son Daniel Blaikie achieve what he did nine times during his 30-year political career.

Matthew Dubé only member of NDP's 'McGill 4' re-elected in 2015

Matthew Dubé is the only New Democrat who will be returning to Ottawa among the "McGill Four" group of young Quebec MPs. Their surprise elections were part of the "orange wave" that swept la belle province in 2011, but didn't hold in 2015.

Going deeper into Canada's 2015 federal election results

Drilling down into the Oct. 19 election results, which gave Justin Trudeau and the Liberals 39.5 per cent of the popular vote and 184 seats in the House of Commons, reveals how new voters may have tipped the scales.

OPINION | North's Liberal vote a rebuke of Harper's Arctic policy

Monday's election saw the territories’ three incumbent MPs go down to defeat, which can only be read as a rebuke of Conservative policy in the North, says political scientist Jerald Sabin.

Tom Mulcair collapse means big problems for Earle McCurdy

With the federal NDP incumbents ousted by a Liberal wave in Newfoundland and Labrador, it could be rough seas ahead for the provincial party, writes David Cochrane.

NDP left looking for answers after crushing collapse in support

After a heady spring and summer that saw New Democrats win power in Alberta and then surge to first place in national polls, Monday night's results are a bitter disappointment to the party. The first task for the NDP must be to figure out what went wrong.

Justin Trudeau's win leads Metro Vancouver mayors to start preparing wish lists

He isn't technically our prime minister yet, but Metro Vancouver mayors have a long wish list for Justin Trudeau.

Pot industry sees high times on horizon with Trudeau victory

Canadian marijuana entrepreneurs are poised for high times with a bet that prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau will make good on campaign promises to legalize and regulate pot.

Election results and reaction in Calgary

How the election played out and reaction in Calgary to a Liberal majority in the federal election.

Canadians reject austerity talk, vote for Justin Trudeau's Keynesian economics

This election may have been about many things, but as an economist, I believe Oct. 19 will go down in history as the day John Maynard Keynes was welcomed back to Canada, Louis-Philippe Rochon writes.

Winnipeg woman votes in federal election, then gives birth to triplets

Thought voting in Monday's federal election was hard? Consider the case of Gillian Taronno, a Winnipeg woman who cast her ballot just before she gave birth to triplets.

'Indigenous Rock the Vote' claims victory as Winnipeg Centre turnout soars

Winnipeg's inner-city riding Winnipeg Centre saw a 26 per cent increase in voter turnout. The youth representative with Indigenous Rock the Vote says she loves that result.

Who will represent Quebec in a Liberal cabinet?

After winning a stunning majority, prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau now faces the difficult task of assembling a cabinet. Here's a look at who he could tap from Quebec.

Conservatives begin post-mortem as defeat to Liberals begins to sink in

The Harper government's post-mortem began in earnest Tuesday morning as the reality of a defeat to Justin Trudeau's Liberals began to sink in for various Conservative candidates.

Saskatchewan has 2 of 5 closest races in Canadian election

There were nail-biters all over Canada on Monday night, but two of the five closest races were in Saskatchewan.

Winnipeg mayor, construction industry welcome Liberal infrastructure spending

Prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau promised $5 billion for infrastructure over the short term and billions more during the next 20 years. The pledge pleases political types and industry leaders - but with caveats.

Jenni Byrne tossed from Stephen Harper's inner circle

As far back as Thursday, campaign manager Jenni Byrne was packing up her office in the Ottawa party war room. In a sign of how tense things have become inside Harper's circle, Byrne was not in Calgary on election night, and is now out of a job.

Fire forces evacuation of Thunder Bay polling station

A fire at a polling station in Valley Central Public School in the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding forced voters into the parking lot Monday night.

Voters in Winnipeg Centre

Voters in Winnipeg Centre react to Robert-Falcon Ouellette's win. The riding saw a 26 per cent rise in voter turnout.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark rejects Conservative leadership bid

B.C. Premier Christy Clark has no wish to replace Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, and is amused at the idea of watching hockey with the incoming prime minister.

Manitoba Liberal leader Bokhari 'couldn't be happier' with Trudeau victory

A Liberal majority on the national stage lead by Justin Trudeau has made Manitoba’s Liberal leader Rana Bokhari very pleased.

Denis Coderre says Montreal voted for 'change'

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, a former Liberal MP, says voters showed they're "ready for change" with last night's federal election result.

Conservative Lorraine Barnett takes Avalon defeat in stride

Lorraine Barnett admits she entered a "hornet's nest" when she became the Conservative candidate for Avalon in the 42nd federal election, but says she's a better, more confident person for the experience.

Canada election 2015: Voting day highlights

People across Canada were casting ballots on Monday in the country's 42nd general election.

Justin Trudeau's majority greeted with optimism by provincial premiers

After nearly a decade of a prime minister notorious for various public tussles with premiers, Canada's provincial leaders react with hope to the reality of a Liberal leader who has promised to work harmoniously to advance their interests.

Selinger hopes feds invest in home care, roads in Manitoba

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger names wish-list items he hopes the new federal government will support.

Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe puts off decision about his future

Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe says he'll be meeting with party members later this week to discuss his future, after failing to win back his own seat and lead his party back to official status.

Negative ads may have spurred voter engagement

Éric Blais writes that the 2015 federal election campaign may provide further evidence that negative campaign ads do not negatively affect voter turnout.

Liberal surge in Nova Scotia — by the numbers

There’s no question Liberal candidates in Nova Scotia did well in Monday’s vote, but it’s how decisive their wins were in the province that is truly remarkable.

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger election reaction

Premier Greg Selinger speaks to reporters Tuesday about the impact a Liberal government in Ottawa could have on Manitoba and the priorities he will push for when premiers meet with Justin Trudeau in November.

The world meets Justin Trudeau and likes what it sees

Many people across the world who are unfamiliar with Canadian politics are only now seeing incoming prime minister Justin Trudeau for the first time. Some of them are pleasantly surprised.

Stephen Harper to remain an MP as Tories move to select interim leader

Outgoing Conservative Leader Stephen Harper will continue to sit as an MP and the party is moving to select an interim leader and start the process of electing a new leader "immediately," according to a statement issued by the Tories.

Trudeau victory welcomed by foreign leaders, as Liberal win trends worldwide

Messages of congratulations to Justin Trudeau are coming in from world leaders, and coverage of his election win is trending worldwide.
Poll Tracker

Momentum carries Liberals past majority threshold

Was it going to be a majority or minority government? The polls conducted up to the final weekend were not sure. The ones conducted at the last moment were.

Canada election 2015: Unofficial results show surge in voter turn-out

Unofficial results from the 2015 election show a surge in voter participation in most provinces.

Justin Trudeau snaps selfies at Montreal's Jarry metro station

What does a politician do the day after being elected the Prime Minister of Canada? If you're Justin Trudeau, you take selfies with constituents at a metro station.

Election 2015: 5 B.C. storylines from election night

Here are five key B.C. stories to wrap-up the long and winding road to the 2015 election.

Northwestern Ontario First Nations run out of ballots

Election officials working in at least two First Nations communities in northwestern Ontario had to order more ballots, as people watching the First Nation voter turnout said many polls were much busier than usual this year.

Liberals defeat Conservative cabinet minister in Kenora

Greg Rickford lost to Bob Nault in a riding that saw a tight race between the Liberals and NDP
Live Blog

Canada Votes 2015: Post-election day coverage

Incoming prime minister Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party won 184 seats in Canada's federal election Monday, clinching a majority government from Stephen Harper's Conservative Party. Follow CBC's post-election day coverage.

Map: Montreal before and after the election

See how the region's colours changed after last night

Don Rusnak captures Thunder Bay-Rainy River for Liberals

Thunder Bay—Rainy River Liberal candidate Don Rusnak road a wave of Liberal support to victory Monday night, soundly defeating NDP incumbent John Rafferty by approximately 6,000 votes.

Thunder Bay-Superior North goes Liberal red with Patty Hajdu

The winning candidate for Thunder Bay-Superior North is Liberal Patty Hajdu.

Did B.C.'s memories of 1990s 'fudge-it-budget' hold key to NDP downfall?

The contest was all but decided by the time the polls closed in B.C., but British Columbians still played a role in the final result. Where else could political history render it impossible for the NDP to promise a deficit?

Gilles Duceppe defeated, BQ falls short of achieving party status

The Bloc Québécois more than doubled the seats it had in 2011, but it wasn’t enough to make the night a success.

Justin Trudeau's turn to face the weight of expectations

There was another young, electrifying leader once who talked about hope and change with all the gauzy rhetoric at his command, Neil Macdonald writes. Justin Trudeau might want to look at Barack Obama's first two years, to temper those expectations.

New Liberal government: Where does it get started?

Justin Trudeau's Liberals will soon return to the House of Commons with a majority government and a laundry list of campaign promises — along with some clear priorities that will likely be tackled before other tasks.

Jack Harris 'surprised' after being ousted by Nick Whalen in St. John's East

After a large majority win in the last two federal elections, incumbent NDP Jack Harris says he was surprised by his loss to Liberal Nick Whalen in St. John's East Monday night by fewer than 700 votes.

What might a Liberal cabinet look like?

Cabinet-making is the ultimate political exercise. A balance of linguistic and geographic representation, gender, cultural diversity, individual strengths as well as egos, it requires finesse and ingenuity.

Justin Trudeau's red wave makes Quebec the kingmaker again

When the Liberal tide swept in from the east, it didn't hit any breakwaters in Quebec this time.

After Stephen Harper, who will lead the Conservatives?

Stephen Harper is leaving as Conservative leader after watching voters dismantle the party he built from the rubble of the old PC and Reform parties. So, who picks up the party now?

Federal election: Liberal tide, decimated NDP mark changed Quebec landscape

Quebecers are waking up to a dramatically redrawn electoral map, with the Liberals making surprise gains in the province as Justin Trudeau's party marched to a big majority victory.

Voter turnout spikes after long, unpredictable campaign

A wild race, long campaign and some deeply divisive debate contributed to a high number of Canadians flocking to cast ballots at the polls.

Greens take hard look in the mirror after popularity drops

Elizabeth May was re-elected in Saanich-Gulf Islands. But no other Green Party candidates came close to joining her.

How Justin Trudeau's Liberal majority swept across Canada

The Liberal Party sent to the woodshed in 2006 — and told, decisively, to stay there in 2008 and 2011 — has been welcomed back to the government side of the House of Commons, and it's packing MPs from every part of Canada.

Canada election 2015: List of elected B.C. candidates

The results for most ridings in B.C. are in. The results of one riding remains in a tight race. Watch for updates.

Darshan Kang supporters celebrate

Darshan Kang's supporters celebrate his victory in Calgary Skyview

Canada election 2015: Big name B.C. politicians challenged

The seat which belonged to Industry Minister James Moore turned Liberal Monday night as one of a series of ridings occupied by high profile incumbents.

Conservative Dianne Watts elected in South Surrey-White Rock

Former Surrey mayor Dianne Watts notched a win for the Conservatives Monday in her first successful run at federal politics.

Justin and Pierre: An electoral tale of two Trudeaus

Here are some facts about the political career of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, the prime minister designate, and his father, former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Harjit Sajjan reclaims Vancouver South for the Liberals

The hotly contested riding of Vancouver South returned to the Liberals Monday as Harjit Sajjan defeated Conservative incumbent Wai Young.