Baloney Meter: How U.S. border guards will behave in era of legal pot in Canada

Canada's NDP has raised fears that "hundreds of thousands" of Canadians could be denied entry into the United States once marijuana is legalized. How likely is that?

Baloney Meter: have more than 60% of infrastructure projects begun?

There is a saying that numbers do not lie, but sometimes — especially in politics — the same set of numbers can end up telling very different stories.

Baloney Meter: Did the Liberals promise electoral reform only with broad support?

During last year's federal campaign, Justin Trudeau promised that if elected, the Liberals would ensure the 2015 vote was the last in Canada under the so-called "first-past-the-post" electoral system.

Baloney Meter: Is Donald Trump's anti-NAFTA rhetoric all about Mexico?

Ever since Donald Trump appeared on an episode of the CBS television show "60 Minutes" in September 2015 disparaging NAFTA there have been questions about what it could mean for Canada. But is his concern really about Mexico?

Baloney Meter: Will carbon tax really 'siphon' $2.5 billion from Saskatchewan?

The Baloney Meter examines the level of accuracy in statements made by politicians. Today it looks at claims made by Saskatchewan politicians about the "disastrous" effects of a carbon-pricing scheme on the province.

Baloney meter: Is Green party's resolution process truly different?

How accurate were the Green Party's claims about a "very different" resolution process following its controversial decision to endorse sanctions against Israel?


Baloney Meter: Brad Wall could challenge any federal carbon tax on Crown corps

The Baloney Meter examines the level of accuracy in statements made by politicians. Today we look at whether Saskatchewan has grounds to launch a constitutional challenge if Ottawa tried to impose a carbon tax on its provincial Crown corporations?

Baloney Meter: Is there a capability gap when it comes to fighter jets?

Is the procurement debacle surrounding the CF-18s on the verge of rendering the Royal Canadian Air Force incapable of fulfilling its mandate?

Baloney Meter: Did the federal Liberals inherit a $7.5-billion surplus?

"Last week, Finance Canada actually announced that the federal government had a $7.5 billion surplus. It is the fourth time that officials at Finance Canada have actually confirmed that we left them with a surplus, and that is because of our strong fiscal management and the fact that we are prudent on balanced budgets." Conservative finance critic Lisa Raitt.

Baloney Meter: Would scrapping F-35 plan 'crater' Canada's aerospace industry?

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says the Liberal plan to exclude the F-35 from the bidding process to replace Canada's aging fleet of CF-18s would "crater" the aerospace industry. Would it?

Baloney Meter: Does a tax cut for small businesses create middle class jobs?

During Thursday night's debate, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper argued cutting the small business tax rate would help improve Canada's job numbers as more small firms hire as a result of the tax break. Is he right?
Baloney Meter

Would opposition parties scrap pension income splitting?

The NDP and Liberals both say they oppose the government's income splitting tax credit for couples with young children - but Conservatives say the opposition also plans to end income splitting for pensioners. The Canadian Press looks at the accuracy of that claim.

Has budget for Parks Canada gone up, as Aglukkaq claims?

With park operating seasons curtailed and bands of volunteers clearing trails on their own in the winter, the Conservative government has faced questions about its commitment to the national parks system.