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Disinformation surging online during pandemic, says Microsoft president

Misinformation and disinformation linked to the COVID-19 pandemic has been surging online in recent weeks, along with cyber attacks on hospitals, says the head of one of the world's tech giants.

How a debunked COVID-19 video kept spreading after Facebook and YouTube took it down

Although social media giants such as Facebook and YouTube have largely removed a debunked documentary about the COVID-19 pandemic from their platforms, copies and variations of the video are still up on alternative social media sites where hundreds of thousands of people are watching them.

Quebec police investigating possible link between cell tower fires and 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories

Quebec provincial police are investigating whether at least two cellphone tower fires north of Montreal could be linked to conspiracy theories that 5G wireless technology caused the coronavirus pandemic.

WeChat's surveillance of international users boosts censorship in China, researchers say

WeChat is one of the world’s most popular apps, but researchers at the University of Toronto caution it is surveilling international users and using their information to broaden censorship on the app in China.

Federal government says Canada Post must deliver Epoch Times despite union objection

The federal government has declined a request from a postal workers union local in Toronto to issue an order stopping delivery of a special coronavirus edition of the Epoch Times, because it doesn’t meet the criminal threshold for hate speech.

Some Canadians who received unsolicited copy of Epoch Times upset by claim that China was behind virus

The Epoch Times, a newspaper that has polarized people over its content, is coming under fire for advancing a conspiracy theory about the origin of the coronavirus — and having it delivered straight into people's mailboxes unsolicited.

1 in 10 Canadians believes a coronavirus conspiracy theory, survey suggests

Conspiracy theories around the origin of the coronavirus have been circulating since it was first identified. A preliminary study suggests that one in 10 Canadians believes at least one conspiracy theory about the virus. 

Scientists cut peer-review corners under pressure of COVID-19 pandemic

Scientists are beginning to fear that the rush to understand the coronavirus and find ways to treat COVID-19, the illness it causes, is leading to an erosion of traditional safeguards against bad science.

Social media firms catching more misinformation, but critics say 'they could be doing more'

From deleting content to including warnings to offering grants, social media platforms have taken unprecedented steps to fight misinformation online because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but some critics say it’s still not enough.

No, someone wasn't fined for sharing a car in Yellowknife during the pandemic

Days after the N.W.T. implemented a total ban on indoor gatherings, rumours circulated that two people who didn't live together shared a car in Yellowknife, and were slapped with $5,500 in fines after a "random police check." That's not true, say officials.

Far-right groups may try to take advantage of pandemic, watchdogs warn

Far-right groups in North America are 'opportunistic' and are seeking ways to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to spread hate and fear, say watchdogs who keep tabs on them.

Mushrooms, oregano oil and masks targeted in crackdown on misleading COVID-19 ads

A mushroom spray, oil of oregano and a special hat to kill coronavirus in saliva have all been targeted by Health Canada in its crackdown on misleading and false claims of COVID-19 prevention and cures.

Canada and the U.S. are implementing the non-essential travel ban in very different ways

An agreement to stem non-essential travel between Canada and the United States is being interpreted and applied very differently by the two countries, despite the Canadian government's assurances the restriction would be applied "consistently" on both sides of the border, CBC News has learned.

No, you can't make an N95 mask out of a bra

You can't make an N95 mask out of a bra, and gargling with salt water will not protect you from getting COVID-19. Here are five myths about the virus circulating online and some tips on how to spot bad advice.
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Chiropractors told to remove posts claiming their methods boost immune system and prevent COVID-19

Governing bodies across Canada have issued warnings to chiropractors over claims that chiropractic care can boost your immune system and prevent infection from the novel coronavirus that has caused the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts alarmed as recipes for homemade hand sanitizer proliferate online

Recipes for homemade hand sanitizer concoctions have been multiplying online but experts are warning that many of the DIY solutions are ineffective — even harmful.

No, the new coronavirus wasn't created in a lab, scientists say

The idea that SARS CoV-2, the new coronavirus behind the current pandemic, was created in a lab is a favourite among conspiracy theorists. But an international team of researchers has shown it was not genetically engineered.

A round-up of federal party platforms — and CBC's platform fact checks

The team at CBC News has tried to keep the parties honest by fact-checking key claims made by the leaders and their platforms.

Canada Votes 2019: Fact check the parties' election promises

As Oct. 21 approaches, see how the parties' campaign promises hold up.
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Is the 2019 election Canada's 'nastiest' ever? Not by a long shot

The 2019 vote is just another in long list of Canada's most divisive and dirty elections.

Canada needs an infrastructure overhaul. Can any federal party get it done?

Ambitious infrastructure promises make for good campaign fodder, but recent history suggests that the politicization of the planning process has become a major hurdle to getting projects done.
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The NDP platform: ambitious promises, lots of uncertainty

Jagmeet Singh has finally released his platform costing, but questions remain.

Is Andrew Scheer really promising a tax cut of $50K for millionaires?

Wealthy owners of private corporations would surely benefit from some of the Conservatives' tax proposals. But the Liberals are oversimplifying a complex issue.
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Why Trudeau should be more humble about his credit rating brag

The Liberals suggest that credit rating agencies endorse their fiscal policies. But the companies have some big concerns.
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The NDP reaches back a generation — and several leaders — to tally Liberals' rich donors

The NDP says that 56 of Canada's richest families have given money to the Liberals. But most of those donations pre-date Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau, Ford and the complicated politics of transit in Toronto

It has been a wild year for transit planning in Toronto, partly because Ontario Premier Doug Ford unilaterally announced a nearly $30-billion package of proposals.
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The Conservatives' misleading claims about a 'secret' Liberal housing tax

Andrew Scheer has been making claims about a 'secret' Liberal plan to tax home sales for weeks. Even as Justin Trudeau and the Liberals swear they have no such intention.

Federal party leaders' claims from the English-language debate

A round up of fact checks on some of the most notable claims made during the debate.

Scheer's claim about penalties for violent gang crime 'extremely misleading,' says lawyer

Liberal government legislation changed how prosecutors can pursue alleged gang members who commit violent crimes. But that doesn't mean they're getting off easier, lawyers say.

Singh's claim that Liberal trade concessions will drive up drug prices oversimplified

If the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement on trade is ratified, the cost of some drugs could be high for longer periods. But the truth is complicated.
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Did the Bloc Québécois really kill the Energy East pipeline?

Yves-François Blanchet claims the Bloc single-handedly stopped the proposed 4,500 km Energy East pipeline, but opposition was widespread across the country
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Andrew Scheer's claim about foreign aid deemed false

The Conservatives want to cut 25 per cent from Canada's international aid budget. But they are fudging the numbers when it comes to claims about billions going to well-off nations or dictatorships.

Would the Liberals' climate plan really add 31 cents to pump prices?

The claim that the Liberals' climate strategy will drive up the cost of driving is a cornerstone of the Conservatives' election message. How accurate are the Conservatives' claims?
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Green platform has some big fiscal holes, hidden costs

The Greens have released more details and costed more promises than any other party. But questions remain.

Trudeau's claim that Canada is 'on track' to meet 2030 climate target is misleading

There is still time for Canada to meet its Paris Agreement commitment, but it would require ramped-up climate change policies.
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Trudeau's big — and underfunded — health care promises

Justin Trudeau is promising that every Canadian will have access to necessary medicines, a family doctor and mental health services. But getting there would take billions of dollars more than budgeted — and the help of the provinces.
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NDP's dental plan seen as smart policy - but some costs are uncertain

The Parliamentary Budget Officer has put a price tag on the NDP's 'denticare' promise. But the lack of fine details makes it difficult to say if the proposal will cover as many people, and as much, as billed.

Scheer's proposed tax cut isn't 'universal' — but it would save money for many Canadians

The Conservative Party's pitch to cut the rate on the lowest income tax bracket is a central promise of its campaign. The move ultimately would benefit three in four income tax-paying families, an economist says.
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Middle-class mystery: Did their taxes go up or down?

The Liberals say they've put more money in the pockets of Canada's middle class. The Tories say they've raised taxes. Who's telling the truth?

Scheer's costly tax credit could boost public transit use, but likely not by much

The proposed Green Public Transit Tax Credit could benefit wealthy Canadians the most and do little to boost ridership, experts say.

Trudeau's numbers on poverty are mostly true — but it's complicated

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau often touts his government's efforts to reduce poverty in Canada. But measuring poverty rates is not an easy endeavour.
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The NDP's misleading claim about Trudeau and 'big pharma'

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh claims that Justin Trudeau is in the pocket of big drug companies. But his numbers — and timeline — are questionable.
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Andrew Scheer torques study in claim about the new NAFTA deal

Andrew Scheer cites a recent study to prove that Canada lost at the NAFTA bargaining table — but he omits some key facts.
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Why Andrew Scheer's climate plan won't hit Canada's Paris targets

Andrew Scheer says his climate plan is Canada's "best" chance of reaching its Paris Agreement goals. But it doesn't have any firm greenhouse gas reduction targets.
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How the New Democrats could create 300,000 new green jobs

The federal New Democrats are promising to spend $15 billion to fight climate change and create 300,000 new jobs in the process. Is that doable?
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Will there be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050?

Fact-checking Catherine McKenna's claim that 'plastics will outweigh fish in our oceans by 2050.'
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Maxime Bernier's false claim about Canada's 'subsidized' immigrants

The People's Party of Canada says that almost 75 per cent of Canadian immigrants are taking more than they give. It's not true.