Susan Lunn

Susan Lunn has been covering politics in Ottawa since 2002. She has a special interest in health and the environment.

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How much do Canadians care about the weather? Government develops new mobile app

It may be a cliché, but Canadians do like to talk about the weather. Now, the federal government is working on an app to give them smartphone access to Environment Canada weather reports.

Watchdog says nursing exam puts francophone students at a disadvantage

New Brunswick's official languages commissioner is slamming the licensing exam used to evaluate most nurses nationwide, saying it puts francophones at a clear disadvantage.

Environment Canada settles court case over threats to caribou habitat

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has settled a court action launched by an environmental group over the protection of critical habitat for a species at risk.

'Good news' coming soon for thalidomide survivors, Trudeau says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the House of Commons today that an announcement is coming shortly on expanded compensation for thalidomide survivors.

Abortion pill prescribed more than 4,000 times in Canada last year

Doctors issued more than 4,000 prescriptions for the abortion pill Mifegymiso to Canadian women in 2017 — the first year it was available in Canada.

Federal government not doing enough to manage risk of fish farms, environmental watchdog says

The federal government isn't doing enough to manage the risks associated with salmon farming, the federal environment commissioner says in her spring report.

MP committee's report on pharmacare landing today

The House of Commons all-party health committee will officially table its report on the prospects for a national pharmacare program today.

A relic of Canada's atom age, the NRU reactor is shutting down for good

On March 31, a little-known part of Canada’s nuclear history will end.

Ottawa making it easier for doctors to prescribe methadone and heroin

The federal government is taking steps to make it easier for doctors to prescribe methadone and pharmaceutical grade heroin.

'Into the dark': With just months to go before legalization, federal government funds marijuana research

With the legalization of recreational cannabis use just months away, the federal government is "stepping a little into the dark," according to the scientist who helped create pot use guidelines for Canada.

What would a million cigarettes cost? Health Canada wants to know

The federal government is doing a little window-shopping for cigarettes — a million of them.

Conservative MP Erin O'Toole considering run for Ontario PC leadership

Ontario Conservative MP Erin O'Toole says he's not ruling out running as a candidate in the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race.

How Bill Morneau may use Sweden's gender-balanced snow-clearing to adjust Canadian budgets

In trying to understand what Finance Minister Bill Morneau means when he talks about viewing the federal budget through a gender lens, consider Sweden's experience with the humble and oh-so-Canadian snowplow.

39% of cannabis users admit to driving after smoking pot, government survey finds

A survey done for Health Canada suggests that 39 per cent of people who admitted to smoking pot say they've driven within two hours of smoking up.

New limits, but no all-out ban on pesticides that harm bee population

The federal government has proposed tighter restrictions around two insecticides considered harmful to bees, but stopped short of an all-out ban.