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Erin Weir declares himself a member of the CCF - a party that no longer exists

Kicked out of the New Democrat caucus over harassment allegations, Saskatchewan MP Erin Weir said today that he's switching his official political affiliation to the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation — a party that has been defunct since 1961.

Google Canada rejects allegations it's mismanaging user data

The former head of Research in Motion warned government officials today of the risks of failing to regulate tech giants, while Google Canada's head of public policy rejected allegations the company is failing to transparently and securely manage data.

Bloc rebels announce new party name and abandon the separatist program

The seven members of Parliament who split from the Bloc Québécois have released the name of their new federal party — Quebec Debout — and say they no longer believe it's their job to promote Quebec separatism at the federal level.

Organ donor agencies want federal government to collect donor information nationally

Canada's largest organ donor agencies are urging the federal government to take action to promote and manage organ donor registration at the national level.

Trudeau rips 'hateful rhetoric' following report of death threats against Premier Notley

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pointed to his government's policy efforts to discourage sexist harassment today, after CBC News disclosed the astonishing volume of online vitriol aimed at Alberta NDP Premier Rachel Notley.

Committee chair calls on firms to freeze data linked to Facebook privacy scandal

The chair of the parliamentary committee investigating the Facebook privacy scandal is calling on companies at the centre of the controversy to preserve vital data, following news that Cambridge Analytica is filing for bankruptcy.

Coal phase-out task force to consult workers, communities to soften blow

The co-chair of the federal government's new task force on phasing out coal says failing to help workers acquire the skills they need to find new jobs will create resentment among coal workers and in their communities.