Search the Afghan detainee documents

The government has released 4,000 pages of documents about the treatment and transfer of prisoners detained by Canadian Forces in Afghanistan. Read the documents as they become available.

The government has released 4,000 pages of emails, meeting notes and other records about the treatment of prisoners detained by Canadian Forces in Afghanistan and handed over to Afghan authorities.

The tabling of the documents in Parliament comes more than a year after a House of Commons ruling decreed MPs had the right to see all "unredacted" (uncensored) documents related to the issue.

A committee of Conservative, Liberal and Bloc Québécois MPs had access to unredacted documents and selected certain documents for release to Parliament. A panel of retired justices arbitrated disputes over what information would have to remain redacted in order to protect national security or Canada's international reputation; in some cases, the panel offered "substitute" wording or summaries to replace the redacted information. In many cases, the original redactions stood. Read a legend to understand how to read the documents.

Search and read the documents below.