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Easter ham and sardines being used to lure cats from Edmonton sinkhole

Firefighters built them a ladder and a homeowner has tried luring them out with Easter ham and sardines, but so far two cats remain deep in a sinkhole in Edmonton.

Hundreds of trucks roll through Alberta, Sask. with pro-pipeline convoys

Convoys of trucks rolled slowly through Alberta and Saskatchewan on Saturday as demonstrations in support of Canada's ailing oil and gas sector continue.

Green Party leadership hopefuls in Alberta grapple with thorny issue of oilsands

Kermit the Frog sang "It's Not Easy Bein' Green," and candidates running to be leader of the Green Party of Alberta might relate.

Saskatchewan village wonders what happened to time capsule contents from 1968

"The buildup was there because we sort of started talking about this last year," said Elaine Stadnyk, who was a teenager when materials were collected for the capsule in 1968.

Opponents of Sixties Scoop settlement aren't giving up after judge OKs deal

A woman who has spent months informing '60s Scoop survivors about Ottawa's class-action settlement says she'll continue advising people to object to the deal, even after a federal judge approved the agreement.

Albertans divided by Trudeau's provincial oversight in Canada Day speech

Manuel Goncalves has a message for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: My Canada includes Alberta, even if your speech didn't.

Via figuring out how to retrieve train from Churchill cut off by rail closure

There are no roads or other rail lines to Churchill and two locomotives and five passenger cars are sitting, silent, at the station.

Study of ancient ice cores stored in Alberta provides new clues on climate change

Researchers studying ancient ice from Canada's Arctic say the samples reveal new information on what climate change could do.

Uranium mine cleanup moves ahead, but Saskatchewan is left with ballooning cost

The total price tag was estimated at under $25 million when the federal government agreed to pay for half the cleanup of a radioactive Cold-War-era uranium mine in northern Saskatchewan.

Franklin researchers hope to link DNA from sailors' bones with descendants

Researchers who have completed the first genetic analysis on the bones from the crew of the doomed Franklin expedition in Canada's Arctic say they're hoping to meet living descendants to match them with the remains of their ancestors.

Hockey Canada to make smaller ice surfaces mandatory for youngest kids' games

Hockey Canada says it will make it mandatory that children getting their first introduction to the game play on reduced-size ice surfaces instead of full-sized rinks.

Leaving airplane seatbelt sign on too long could reduce safety, expert suggests

An airline safety expert says plane crews may be unwittingly compromising flight safety by leaving seatbelt signs on too long.

U of A students' satellite to monitor space weather

​A little satellite built by a group of University of Alberta students will supply information that could one day prevent damage from solar flares.

Critics say B.C. premier needs to do more than ditch her Liberal party stipend

The B.C. premier will still be in a conflict of interest even though she's rejected her party's annual stipend, suggests a group critical of her political fundraising in B.C.

Alberta minister says province 'still standing' on Day 2 of carbon tax

Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips said the province was "still standing" a day after its carbon tax took effect, and Albertans who opposed the levy could start seeing rebate cheques within days.