Power & Politics: The year reviewed in Top 5 lists

Power & Politics looks at the events of the past year and the issues that will shape the year ahead. Watch all five of our special Top-5 countdown shows.
Host Evan Solomon and the Power Panel look ahead at the top 5 election issues of 2015. 42:31

Power & Politics looks at the events of the past year and the issues that will shape the year ahead.

Tensions were already high on Parliament Hill, as parties jockeyed ahead of next year's election. But there were also times when leaders put partisanship aside to come together, in the wake of the Oct. 22 shooting and to mark the death of a colleague.

International issues also took centre stage, with continuing Russian aggression in Ukraine and the fight against ISIS in Iraq.

What was the biggest political news story? Who were the most influential players? And who is going to make headlines in 2015? Join host Evan Solomon and the Power Panel as they break down the top stories of 2014 and weigh in on the players to watch next year.

Top 5 Political News Stories

  1. Ottawa Shooting/ISIS Fight

  2. Harassment on the Hill

  3. Veterans’ Issues

  4. Temporary Foreign Workers

  5. Energy

Top 5 Political News Makers

  1. Extremists

  2. Rob Ford

  3. The Supreme Court

  4. Putin & Poroshenko

  5. The Premiers

Top 5 Political Blunders

  1. PKP’s Fist Pump

  2. Hudak & Horwath’s Campaigns

  3. Fantino with Veterans

  4. Trudeau Unplugged

  5. Calandra’s Conduct

Top 5 Election Issues for 2015

  1. Economy/Jobs

  2. Leadership/Ethics

  3. Energy/Climate Change

  4. Security/Defence

  5. Surplus Spending

Top 5 Political Players to watch in 2015

(Watch at the top of the page)

  1. Justin Trudeau

  2. Stephen Harper

  3. Tom Mulcair

  4. Kathleen Wynne

  5. Mike Duffy

Power & Politics airs weekdays at 5 p.m. ET on CBC News Network. The Top-5 programs will repeat on Dec. 24, 26, 31 and Jan. 1 and 2.


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