The Pollcast: The tide turns in Quebec

On the latest episode of the Pollcast, the CBC's Catherine Cullen discusses the first days of Maxime Bernier's new party, and Christian Bourque breaks down the latest numbers out of Quebec.

The latest numbers in Quebec's election campaign and the first days of Maxime Bernier's People's Party

CAQ Leader François Legault, left, has seen support for his party drop in the final weeks of the Quebec election campaign. (Allen McInnis/Montreal Gazette)

In less than two weeks, Quebecers go to the polls to vote in the Oct. 1 provincial election. The clock is ticking — but is time running out for François Legault in Quebec?

The polls are shifting in the province, and Legault's Coalition Avenir Québec has dropped out of majority territory. But neither the Liberals nor the Parti Québécois are the ones making the biggest gains in Quebec. Instead, it is Québec Solidaire, a left-wing party at the other end of the political spectrum from the CAQ, that seems to be picking up the CAQ's slack.

On this week's episode of the Pollcast, Christian Bourque, executive vice-president at the polling firm Léger,joins the podcast to break down the latest polling numbers in Quebec.

The CBC's Catherine Cullen also discusses the first week of Bernier's People's Party, its flirtations with the Libertarians and its attempts to control its message.

Finally, host and CBC polls analyst Éric Grenier explains what to watch for in the final days of the provincial election campaign in New Brunswick, where the polls suggest that nothing can be taken for granted.

Christian Bourque of Léger breaks down the latest numbers in Quebec, and the CBC's Catherine Cullen discusses the first days of Maxime Bernier's People's Party. 26:21

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