The Pollcast: Scheer's plan and Trudeau's pipeline

On the latest episode of The Pollcast, Salimah Shivji, John Paul Tasker and Aaron Wherry join host Éric Grenier to break down a busy last week on Parliament Hill.

Breaking down Andrew Scheer's climate plan and the implications of the approval of the Trans Mountain project

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his government's decision to approve the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. On Wednesday, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer laid out his party's climate plan. (Canadian Press)

It was a busy week on Parliament Hill before the House of Commons adjourned for what could be the last time before October's federal election.

It included the release of the Conservatives' long-awaited plan for combating climate change and the government's decision to approve the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion — two issues that might prove decisive when voters cast their ballots in the fall.

Trans Mountain made the government face up to an apparent contradiction — between its promise to cut greenhouse gas emissions and its vow to build a new pipeline to tidewater. The approval was the Liberals' version of a compromise, trying to allay both environmental and Indigenous concerns while also giving aid to Alberta's stricken oil and gas industry.

The Conservatives' lack of a climate plan was something the Liberals highlighted at every opportunity. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's announcement on Wednesday gives his party a reply to the Liberals' attacks — but early indications are that its lack of detail or a path to the Paris targets for global emissions reductions will still leave the party vulnerable to criticism on this file.

The real question, however, is whether it will resonate with the voters the Conservatives need to win the election.

To chat about this last week of Parliament, CBC polls analyst and Pollcast host Éric Grenier is joined by the CBC Parliamentary Bureau's Salimah Shivji, John Paul Tasker and Aaron Wherry.

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