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CRA shuts down online services after thousands of accounts breached in cyberattacks

The Canada Revenue Agency has temporarily shut down its online services after the agency confirmed it was recently hit by two cyberattacks that compromised thousands of accounts linked to its services.

Alleged Rideau Hall intruder was well-stocked with ammunition, RCMP documents say

The man accused in last month's security breach at Rideau Hall was not only allegedly carrying a small arsenal of weapons, but had a significant amount of ammunition, according to newly released RCMP documents.

Corey Hurren had multiple firearms, uttered threat against Trudeau, court documents allege

The Canadian Armed Forces member facing a long list of charges after breaching the grounds at Rideau Hall last week allegedly had multiple firearms in his possession at the time, and is accused of uttering a threat against the prime minister, according to recently filed court documents.

Canada extends ban on most foreign travellers to at least July 31

Ottawa has extended for at least another month a sweeping travel ban that bars entry to all travellers who are not Canadian citizens, permanent residents or people entering from the U.S. for "essential" reasons.

Government plans to extend quarantine rules requiring self-isolation for travellers: federal official

The federal government plans to extend strict quarantine rules requiring travellers to isolate for 14 days upon their arrival in Canada — rules that were set to expire Tuesday — CBC News has learned.

Tam says the pandemic will bring a 'new normal' to workplaces, defends WHO's performance

Canada's top doctor says that when Canada's locked-down economic activity revives, she expects to see companies embrace a "new normal" in how they operate to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

'Was it perfect? No': Theresa Tam discusses Canada's early pandemic response

Canada's top doctor told CBC News the federal government could have made earlier efforts to keep the COVID-19 pandemic from sweeping across the country — but moves to close borders and screen travellers for the illness sooner might not have made much of a difference.

Concerns about low uptake, flawed pandemic data linger as provinces pursue digital contact tracing

As some provinces eye plans to revive their economies from a pandemic-induced coma, one part of the puzzle remains elusive: swift and accurate contact tracing.

U.S. has dropped idea of placing troops near Canadian border: official

The United States has dropped its controversial proposal to station American troops near the shared border as part of its COVID-19 containment strategy.

Canada 'strongly opposed' to U.S. stationing troops near shared border

The federal government says it's "strongly opposed" to the idea of sending American troops to the border to intercept illegal migrants as part of the United States' response to the coronavirus pandemic — a proposal throwing more uncertainty at the government's reaction to the health crisis. 

Federal government finalizing plan to boost production of pandemic supplies

The federal government is finalizing a plan to boost production of ventilators and other medical equipment to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The coronavirus crisis is driving a sudden thaw in Canada-China relations

Canada's response to the deadly novel coronavirus outbreak is winning unusual praise in China — a development that federal government sources here say is part of a broader re-engagement strategy aimed at repairing strained relations between the two countries.

Outgoing Chinese ambassador to Canada softens tone, says tensions 'only temporary'

China's outspoken ambassador to Canada, who once described the relationship between the two countries as having hit "rock bottom," said during a farewell speech earlier this week that recent tension is "only temporary."

Beijing suggests its snub of Canada will continue until Meng Wanzhou is released

The spiraling diplomatic row between Ottawa and Beijing "lies entirely with Canada," the Chinese foreign ministry said Thursday, suggesting for the first time that its leadership won't speak with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau until Canada drops extradition proceedings against a Chinese telecom executive.

Beijing snubbed Trudeau's request to talk with Chinese premier about detainees

Beijing ignored a personal attempt by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this year to arrange a conversation with China's premier in order to intervene on behalf of Canadians detained in China, CBC News has learned.