Patrick Brazeau lands job at Ottawa strip club

Patrick Brazeau, who was suspended from the Senate last November over the spending scandal, was hired as the day manager at BareFax Gentlemen's Club, an Ottawa bar that features nude female dancers.

Brazeau started his new job this week as day manager at BareFax strip club

Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau has found work at the Bare Fax strip club near Parliament Hill in Ottawa. (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau has found work at a strip club near Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Phil Bentivoglio, owner of BareFax Gentlemen's Club, confirmed he hired Brazeau as the club's day manager. His first full day on the job was Tuesday after completing two weeks of training.

In an interview Wednesday at the club, Bentivoglio's sister, Carmelina, said Brazeau had approached a member of the family looking for work.

"We were kinda in the midst of looking for somebody and he just kinda fell into our lap," she said.

Brazeau's duties will include scheduling, hiring, firing, and inventory – according to Bentivoglio. Although she says Brazeau has no previous experience working at a strip club, she is confident he can handle the duties.

"He's got to be somewhat of a smart guy – he's the youngest Senator ever, right?" she said. "So, I'm hoping that will help our business."

This is Brazeau's second job since being suspended from the Senate in November. He briefly held the position as a writer for a gossip magazine before he was let go after just one column. 
Patrick Brazeau, seen during a weigh-in for his charity boxing match in March 2012, started work as the club's day manager this week. (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

Brazeau, along with former Liberal senator Mac Harb, was charged earlier this month with fraud and breach of trust in relation to the ongoing Senate spending scandal.

Brazeau also faces charges of assault and sexual assault after being arrested in February 2013. He is pleading not guilty to both charges.

Bentivoglio denies this is a publicity stunt on the part of the club owner, saying BareFax Gentlemen's Club has been around for a long time and is well known.

Outside, one long-time customer (who declined to give his name) doubted Brazeau's presence would be much of a draw.

"People don't come here to see the manager," he said.