NDP launching health-care campaign

New Democrats plan to hold townhalls across the country to hear Canadians' views on four health care priorities, including prescription drugs and long-term care.

Party arranging public consultations on health care

The NDP is launching a campaign for health care in Canada, with plans to hold townhalls across the country to consult Canadians for their views on a list of priorities.

"We're launching on a very ambitious campaign," Deputy Leader and health critic Libby Davies said at a press conference in Ottawa Thursday.

"And we're going to go out and do what Stephen Harper is refusing to do, and that is to talk to Canadians about their concerns, about their ideas of our health-care system."

The party also plans to meet with experts and groups representing health-care professions.

The party named four priority areas:

  • Access to prescription medication.
  • Home and long-term care services.
  • The role of health-care professionals.
  • How to help Canadians lead a healthier life.

Health care, always a subject of discussion for Canadians, was one of the key issues discussed over the summer at a meeting of provincial and territorial leaders.

It's an area managed by the provinces and territories, but funded in part by the federal government.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall and Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz presented a report on ways to save money for the health-care system last July.