NDP convention marks 2015 campaign kick-off, Mulcair says

The NDP policy convention in Montreal marks a turning point for the New Democrats as they begin to prepare for the 2015 election campaign, says NDP leader Tom Mulcair in an interview on CBC Radio's The House.
NDP leader Tom Mulcair says the New Democrats will retool their party's message and policies to better suit a government in waiting as they gather in Montreal this weekend for a policy convention. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press)

Federal New Democrats are focusing on forming government in 2015 as they gather in Montreal for their first policy convention since electing Tom Mulcair as NDP leader.

In an interview airing Saturday on CBC Radio's The House, Mulcair told host Evan Solomon "we know we are turning a corner now and getting ready for the 2015 campaign."

"It starts this weekend."

Mulcair, who is scheduled to address the group of more than 2,000 delegates on Saturday, described the NDP as the best alternative to replace the Conservatives in 2015.

"In 2015 Canadians who want change… are going to be able to vote for a party that will deliver. They'll be able to vote for the change they want and actually get it with the NDP," Mulcair said.

The leader of the Official Opposition blamed the Conservatives "for delivering the type of right-wing government they had always dreamed of" at the exclusion of what all Canadians want.

"We are a progressive country and we've been losing a lot of that under the Conservatives," Mulcair said.

This weekend will also mark a turning point for the federal Liberals who will choose a new leader on Sunday.

While Mulcair would not comment on a possible Justin Trudeau win, he did take a shot at the once mighty Liberals saying that even when in power "the Liberals have simply not delivered."

Mulcair credited the party's 2011 breakthrough to "a positive message for Quebec's place in Canada" and "a very strong, credible message on sustainable development."

As the NDP prepares for the 2015 election, Mulcair said they'll show Canadians that New Democrats are "capable of running the country."