NDP audition script offers sneak peek at TV ads

The NDP held auditions last week for the TV ads it plans to film featuring new leader Thomas Mulcair. A script used for the auditions offer a sneak peak - and a certain amount of foresight.

Script obtained by CBC News suggests party's ad writers were counting on Mulcair victory

The NDP is planning to film television ads this week featuring newly elected leader Thomas Mulcair. (Chris Young/Canadian Press)

The NDP has already held auditions for the TV ads it plans to film this week featuring new leader Thomas Mulcair, and a script used for the auditions gives some insight into what themes the party hopes to hammer home.

And while the auditions were held last week, before Mulcair was elected leader of the party, the script contains language that suggests the party was anticipating he would be the subject of the ad.

A copy of the script, obtained by CBC News, details how the ads would look and also offers a peek at the themes Canadians may hear from the NDP over the coming months.

The ad spot, titled "A Leader" opens with images of Canadians and is intended to have "a very day-in-the-life feeling," according to the audtion script. Various actors would read the following lines: "Canada has a new leader who will fight for my family. [New leader's name]. He'll actually help me make ends meet. Help me save for retirement. A leader who will take on Stephen Harper. And win."

The script includes an appearance by Olivia Chow saying, "Jack's vision is in good hands."

Then the new leader appears. "I'm [New Leader's name]. As a cabinet minister and a member of Jack's team, I have always fought to put your family first."

Mulcair is the only one of the seven NDP leadership candidates who has experience as a cabinet minister. He was environment minister in Quebec premier Jean Charest's Liberal government before running for the NDP in 2007 and winning his Montreal seat.

Various actors then say, "We started something special together. Now let's get the job done."

It is not clear whether there were other versions of the script or who wrote the text.

The audition script includes alternate lines on how the new leader will hire more family doctors, crack down on polluters and make them pay, clean up Ottawa and put an end to scandals.

According to the documents, the commercial is to be filmed toward the end of this week.

The NDP indicated last week that it was preparing an ad campaign to showcase its new leader.