Tom Mulcair takes heat online for not taking questions at first campaign event

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair raised eyebrows on Twitter Sunday by choosing not to take reporters' questions at his first campaign event.

Tom Mulcair reacts to election call

8 years ago
Duration 9:08
'Canadians have a clear choice. Four more years of Mr. Harper and the Conservatives, or my plan for change'

Tom Mulcair provoked online reactions ranging from befuddlement to outrage Sunday, after declining to answer questions from reporters at his first campaign event.

The NDP leader spoke to Canadians from Gatineau, Que. soon after Conservative Leader Stephen Harper asked Gov. Gen. David Johnston to trigger the official start of the federal election campaign.

Mulcair repeatedly attacked Stephen Harper during his speech, focusing on the Conservative government's economic record. But it was Mulcair's decision not to take questions from reporters after his remarks that stirred up the most reaction on Twitter. Harper took five questions after his speech and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau did not place a limit on questions from the media. 

Many were quick to note that Mulcair seemed to be taking a page out of Harper's playbook.

Political reporters and commentators were surprised.

Some simply couldn't figure out what Mulcair was up to.

And there wasn't much explanation from his campaign.

But some saw strategy in decision.

Several conservative strategists and commentators hinted at a double standard.

Justin Trudeau alluded to the decision during his own speech ...

... though not everyone was impressed with the Liberal leader's answers.

But reaction to Mulcair's decision wasn't all serious. It is a long weekend, after all.

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