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Air force, UN food agency tackle skyrocketing COVID-19 hunger in Latin America

The head of the UN World Food Program says the COVID-19 crisis has dramatically increased the number of starving people in Latin America, which could trigger a refugee exodus to North America if not addressed.

Health experts ask Ottawa to make a decision on funding domestic COVID-19 vaccine trial

The Trudeau government is being pressed to approve funding for a made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine to lessen the risk Canadians will have to line up and wait on a foreign-made vaccine.

Iran's destruction of plane carrying Canadians was 'illegal,' says Ukraine

A Ukraine minister says a preliminary analysis of flight recorders has revealed that Iran illegally shot down a passenger jet from his country over Tehran.

Canada pledges $300 million to address humanitarian concerns of COVID-19 abroad

The federal government contributed $300 million on Saturday toward the international fight against COVID-19, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined fellow leaders, activists and philanthropists in calling for a vaccine to be distributed to the world's neediest people.

Late start hurt Canada in Security Council campaign, says Trudeau

Canada's late start in campaigning for the United Nations Security Council led to its defeat to Norway and Ireland, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday. 

Fearing COVID-19, daughter pleads for Ontario dad's release from Cairo prison

The daughter of a Canadian man imprisoned in Cairo for more than a year says her father is at risk of succumbing to COVID-19 unless the government can win his freedom.

Trudeau urges shared COVID-19 vaccine at global summit in a week amid UN run

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says a COVID-19 vaccine must be shared by the world in order to eradicate the disease. 

Trudeau to join global COVID-19 vaccine fundraiser amid calls for fair access

The prospect of tens of millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses rolling out as early as this fall is being tempered by warnings to ensure they shared fairly across the globe, especially in the poorest countries. 

Canada, allies condemn China on Hong Kong law after contentious Meng ruling

Canada joined with its major allies Thursday in condemning China for imposing a new national security law on Hong Kong, one day after a contentious B.C. court ruling in the Meng Wanzhou affair. 

Trudeau, allies call for global unity at UN summit on pandemic recovery

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau led a call for global co-operation today at a major United Nations meeting aimed at mitigating the devastating social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Barring Taiwan from WHO is a serious health concern, Canada, U.S., and allies say

Canada, the United States and six major allies have told the World Health Organization that its ongoing exclusion of Taiwan has created a serious public health concern during the COVID-19 crisis.

Scheer backs Liberals' push to see Taiwan included in WHO pandemic talks

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is backing the Liberal government's efforts to include Taiwan in the World Health Organization's discussions on COVID-19, a position that China opposes.

Canada backs U.S.-led campaign for Taiwan to get observer status at WHO over China's objections

Canada has backed an American-led effort to allow Taiwan to be granted observer status at the World Health Organization because of its early success in containing COVID-19.

Iran chief's link to 1988 massacre raises obstacles in crash probe: Cotler

Canada's quest for compensation from Iran for shooting down a Ukrainian airliner is fraught with obstacles because Tehran's lead investigator is a mass executioner who belongs in prison, says a former Canadian justice minister. 

Scheer, Conservatives raise concerns about WHO data, relationship with China

The Conservative opposition raised broad concerns Tuesday about Canadian government's reliance on the World Health Organization, questioning the accuracy of its data and its relationship with China during the COVID-19 crisis.