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Scheer says he'd fast-track pipeline challenges straight to Supreme Court

A Conservative government would overcome legal objections to building new petroleum pipelines by fast-tracking any cases right to the Supreme Court, party leader Andrew Scheer says.

Scheer forced to back foot again as Liberals raise questions about candidate

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was left to defend another of his would-be MPs on Saturday after two Liberal cabinet ministers posted a video they argued shows the star candidate has a close friendship with a far-right political activist banned from Facebook for spreading hate.

Threats, abuse move from online to real world, McKenna now requires security

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says she was recently walking outside a movie theatre with her children when a car slowly pulled to a stop beside them.

Riverkeeper casts doubt on cause of fish deaths

The head of the Ottawa Riverkeeper is skeptical of the Quebec government's take that a hydro dam is to blame for killing thousands of fish in July.

Feds go around Manitoba government to get carbon tax funds to schools

The federal government is going around the Manitoba government in order to give carbon tax revenues to the province's schools.

Some MPs warn parliamentary workload and long sessions too stressful

Some MPs are warning the high-stress, high-stakes environment of politics coupled with relentless work schedules and bouts of politically motivated marathon voting and debating sessions are one day going to kill someone.

Estranged wife's interviews complicate testimony in Joshua Boyle assault case

The sexual-assault trial of former Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle took another unexpected twist Wednesday that left the Crown's star witness looking for a new lawyer and the possibility of a contempt charge against her hanging in the air.

New Supreme Court ruling on sexual-history evidence delays Joshua Boyle trial

The sexual assault trial of former Afghanistan hostage Joshua Boyle has hit another legal delay over concerns about admitting evidence of the alleged victim's past sexual history.

Provinces, federal government bringing in first step of 'action plan' for plastics recycling

The federal government and the provinces and territories say they have pieced together an action plan to gradually harmonize the recycling and reduction of plastic waste, with details yet to emerge.

Election a chance to toughen climate-change targets: McKenna

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is hinting that the upcoming Liberal election platform will promise deeper cuts to greenhouse-gas emissions, including the possibility of legislating targets.

Canada hasn't issued any permits for companies to ship waste, government says

The federal government has issued no permits for Canadian companies to ship trash overseas since regulations changed three years ago — raising questions about how waste is still ending up on the shores of Asian nations.

Greens call for ban on foreign oil imports, using Alberta oil instead

Green party Leader Elizabeth May says saving the world from climate change requires Canada to get off oil before the middle of the century.

Senators bowing to oil industry pressure to gut assessment bill, environmentalists say

Environment advocates say Canadian senators are bowing to pressure from the energy industry to gut new environmental-assessment legislation, and they fear the Liberal government is going to do the same.

Average Sask. household should benefit about $173 from carbon rebate in 2019

Canada's budget watchdog agrees with the federal government's claim that Canadians are going to get more from the climate change tax rebate than they are paying in carbon tax.

Budget watchdog says carbon rebate will be higher than carbon tax for most people

Canada's budget watchdog agrees with the federal government's claim that Canadians are going to get more from the climate change tax rebate than they are paying in carbon tax.