Conservative candidate dropped by party over Islamophobic tweets says she's still running as a Tory

A Conservative candidate dropped by the party over Islamophobic tweets she says were faked says she is still running as the "confirmed" Tory candidate in the Toronto riding.

'Vote Conservative, vote for me,' Lisa Robinson has been telling voters

The Conservatives have disavowed Lisa Robinson, a candidate in the Toronto riding of Beaches–East York, but she hasn't stopped campaigning. (lifelibertyandlisa.ca)

A Conservative candidate dropped by the party over Islamophobic tweets she says were faked insists she is still running as the "confirmed" Tory candidate in the Toronto riding.

The Tories dumped Lisa Robinson last week after the Beaches–East York Liberal incumbent, Nate Erskine-Smith, posted screenshots of Twitter posts allegedly written by Robinson.

Robinson denied that the Twitter account that sent the posts in 2017 belonged to her and said she had previously reported it to police.

Robinson said Friday she is refusing to give up the campaign, despite having lost the endorsement of Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole.

She said in an email to The Canadian Press: "I am still fighting as a candidate in this election."

"I am still the confirmed Conservative candidate for Beaches–East York. There are a lot of confused voters, and they need to know my values of being a rooted conservative have not changed," she said.

Her name remains on the ballot paper because she was dropped as the official Tory candidate after the deadline for registering.

Robinson said if she is elected in the riding, the Conservatives will either take her back, she will stand as an Independent or she'll join another party.

She has been sending phone messages to voters telling them to "vote Conservative, vote for me, Lisa Robinson, a candidate who will stand up for you."

In the messages, she also says: "Despite what you are hearing in the news, I am your Conservative candidate and these accusations against me are false."

She adds: "I believe in the environment. I believe in health care. I believe in fiscal responsibility. I believe in human rights, and I believe in our Charter of Rights. And I believe in fighting for the needs of Beaches–East York for all generations. Justin Trudeau has failed Canadians during this COVID-19 crisis. It's time for change."

Her campaign website states that she is an independent but includes a large picture of her and O'Toole. It is also emblazoned with Tory blue.

The Conservatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Friday.

Robinson is adamant that she never wrote the tweets that led to her being dropped.

One post stated that Muslim residents should "go home if our Canadian heritage offends you so much."

She has said the Twitter account, titled "Ward 1 city councillor, candidate," is not hers and she reported it to police in 2018.

Robinson said last week that "racism and Islamophobia have no place in the Conservative Party of Canada or my campaign."


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