Levon Sevunts

Radio Canada International

Levon Sevunts is a reporter/producer for Radio Canada International. Born and raised in Armenia, he immigrated to Canada in 1992. As a print and broadcast journalist he has covered major stories in the Caucasus, Afghanistan, Darfur, the Sahara and the High Arctic, as well as his home of Montreal.

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Russia accuses Canada and the U.S. of violating Open Skies treaty

Russia is claiming Canada and the United States have violated a key international accord designed to build trust and prevent wars between former Cold War adversaries — and accuses Washington's allies of kowtowing to the Trump administration on U.S. policies that go against their national interests.

Trudeau 'concerned' by U.S. threat of tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today he is concerned by reports suggesting Washington is considering reimposing tariffs on Canadian metals just as Canada, the United States and Mexico are celebrating the launch of a new free trade deal.

Countries that lost citizens on Flight PS752 assemble to press Iran for 'full reparations'

Canada and four other countries whose citizens died when the Iranian military mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet are formally joining forces to seek "full reparations" from Tehran, according to a letter sent to the families of the victims on Thursday.

Black boxes retrieved from passenger flight destroyed over Iran going for analysis next month: UN agency

Iran will send the black boxes from a Ukrainian passenger jet shot down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in January to France to be deciphered next month, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) said today.

Families of Flight PS752 victims outraged that UN agency hasn't condemned the attack

The families of those killed on Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 are expressing frustration over the UN aviation agency's apparent inability to condemn the destruction of the passenger jet by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Canada and allies meeting to discuss U.S. withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty

Canada and Hungary will co-host a virtual conference of signatories to the Open Skies Treaty on July 6 to discuss the pending U.S. withdrawal from an international accord designed to build trust and prevent wars, say officials at Global Affairs Canada.

Canada pledges $40M to 'avert catastrophe' in Yemen

Canada is pledging $40 million in humanitarian aid for Yemen as the war-ravaged country copes with a resurgence of cholera, dengue fever, malaria and diphtheria in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic, International Development Minister Karina Gould announced Tuesday.

Canada pledges $27M to help Venezuelan refugees weather pandemic

Canada will provide $27 million to help millions of Venezuelan refugees and migrants fleeing their country during a global pandemic that has put new strains on the international community’s ability to respond to South American nation's economic and political crisis.

U.S. withdrawal from Open Skies Treaty presents Canada with a 'serious' challenge, says expert

Washington's pending withdrawal from a confidence-building international treaty that permits member nations to conduct observation flights over each other's territory is going to present Canada with a difficult strategic challenge, according to one Canadian defence expert.

Amnesty International calls on Canada to open border to refugees from the U.S.

As countries around the world close their borders to contain the spread of COVID-19, Amnesty International is calling on Canada to set an example of humane treatment of refugees and open its borders to asylum seekers from the U.S.

Lufthansa prepares to resume flights to Canada in June

Lufthansa plans to offer three weekly non-stop flights from Toronto to Frankfurt and back starting on June 3, officials with the German airline say.

Canada commits $600M to global vaccination efforts

Canada is pledging $600 million to a global public-private partnership that works on vaccination campaigns in the world’s poorest countries, International Development Minister Karina Gould announced today.

Families of Flight 752 victims call on airlines to stay out of Iranian airspace

The families of those who died in the destruction of Flight 752 are calling on European and international airlines to call off any talks with the Iranian government on resuming flights in the country's airspace until Tehran fully cooperates with the investigation and punishes those behind the attack.

100 days after, the families of Flight 752 victims refuse to be forgotten

One hundred days after his wife and nine-year-old daughter, along with 174 other passengers on Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, died in a ball of fire in the clear night sky over Tehran, Hamed Esmaeilion still wakes up at night tormented by questions.

Beijing's pandemic response is China's 'Chornobyl moment,' critics say

China is getting its own "Chornobyl moment" due to Beijing's attempts to hide and distort key scientific data on the COVID-19 pandemic and its crackdown on whistleblowers questioning the government's response to the outbreak, say the authors of an open letter published Tuesday.