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Auditor general finds $2.4B in unpaid student loans, calls for stronger recovery efforts

Canada's auditor general has called for the federal government to step up its recovery of outstanding student loans to keep taxpayers from being left on the hook after discovering that $2.4 billion in such loans were in default last year.

Kielburger backtracks after saying PM's office contacted WE about $900M program

One of the co-founders of WE Charity says he "misspoke" when he told youth leaders that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's staff reached out in April to see if the organization would administer a $900-million federal student-aid program. 

Conservatives ask auditor general to probe 'outsourcing' of $900M student aid program

The federal Conservatives are calling for an investigation into the Liberal government's decision to have an international charity administer a $900-million program designed to help students during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trudeau government passes confidence test with support from New Democrats

The federal Liberal government avoided defeat with help from the NDP on Wednesday as the two joined forces to pass a multibillion-dollar spending bill in the House of Commons and avoid a summer election.

Feds sign $105-million deal with Bombardier for two new Challenger jets

The federal Liberal government has inked a sole-source deal with Quebec aerospace firm Bombardier to purchase two new Challenger jets to replace half the Canadian Armed Forces' existing executive aircraft fleet.

Canadian frigate HMCS Fredericton back in action after Cyclone crash

The Halifax-class frigate HMCS Fredericton is back in action less than two weeks after its Cyclone helicopter crashed off the coast of Greece, killing six Canadian Armed Forces members.

COVID-19 latest hurdle in Canada's long road to buying new fighter jets

COVID-19 is presenting another challenge to Canada's long-running and tumultuous effort to buy new fighter jets. The three companies still in the running are supposed to submit their bids at the end of June and, despite the pandemic, the federal procurement department expects them to meet that deadline.

Canadians mark Easter as COVID-19 continues to cause pain, grief for many

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other leaders across the country are taking a rare day off from updating the nation on the COVID-19 crisis as many Canadians celebrate Easter Sunday.

Canada to cut number of troops in Ukraine due to COVID-19

The Canadian Armed Forces plans to withdraw the 200 troops it currently has in Ukraine and replace them with a skeleton force next month, to hold the fort until the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

Canadian Army cancels major training exercise to prepare for COVID-19 call out

The Canadian Army is cancelling one of its most important training exercises as military commanders seek to protect the Canadian Armed Forces from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ottawa committed to quick, peaceful resolution to cross-country pipeline protests: Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government is committed to finding a quick and peaceful resolution to the anti-pipeline blockades that have shut down swaths of the country's train system and temporarily blocked bridges and highways.

Backlog of applications for veterans' benefits grows by the thousands

More Canadian veterans than ever are waiting to find out whether they qualify for disability benefits, despite repeated government promises and efforts to get the situation under control.

Tories win 2019 fundraising race despite big drop in last quarter

The federal Conservative Party's fundraising machine appeared to run out of steam during the final three months of 2019.

Liberals face difficult decision on fate of controversial Challenger jets

Outdated technology on two of the federal government's four Challenger jets means the executive aircraft will no longer be allowed to fly in many countries — or even in Canada — within a few years.

Feds rang up $1.4M in legal costs during failed prosecution of Mark Norman

Revealed this week by Justice Minister David Lametti in a written response to a question from the official Opposition Conservatives, the figure is the first indication of the financial price of the high-profile and politically charged case.