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PMO failed to check with key former employers before Payette's appointment as Governor General: sources

Simple checks with past employers, including federally regulated agencies, could have turned up troubling evidence of Julie Payette's treatment of subordinates before she was appointed governor general, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or his officials never made those calls, CBC News has learned. 

Trudeau defends Payette, says he is not considering replacing GG 'right now'

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he has no intention right now of asking the Queen to replace Governor General Julie Payette in the wake of CBC reports alleging harassment. 

Psychologists speaking to Rideau Hall staff following harassment claims

The office of the Governor General is bringing in psychologists to speak to employees following claims of workplace harassment and verbal abuse coming from the top.

Gov. Gen. Payette has created a toxic climate of harassment and verbal abuse at Rideau Hall, sources allege

Gov. Gen. Julie Payette has created a toxic environment at Rideau Hall by harassing employees to the point where some have been reduced to tears or have left the office altogether, sources tell CBC News.

Liberals allowed MP Marwan Tabbara to run in 2019 despite sexual harassment investigation

MP Marwan Tabbara — who had a court hearing today on assault and criminal harassment charges — was approved to run for the Liberals in the 2019 federal election despite a party investigation into allegations of sexual harassment made against him during his last mandate, CBC News has learned.

Pandemic benefit cheats could get caught by new CRA measures — but not soon

The Canada Revenue Agency is looking at new measures to catch people making unsupported claims for pandemic emergency benefits. Much of the verification won't take place until next year, however.

Canadians who don't qualify for CERB are getting it anyway — and could face consequences

More than 7 million Canadians have applied for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit — but some of them shouldn't actually be getting the $2,000-per-month payment. And those receiving the money who aren't entitled to it could be putting their own financial futures at risk, CBC News has learned.

Military finds multiple gaps in support for victims of sexual misconduct

Almost three years after the Canadian Forces launched a mission to root out sexual misconduct in its ranks, the military has identified critical flaws in how it supports victims of harassment and other forms of inappropriate behaviour — and has given itself a long list of fixes to address the problems.

Hackers only needed a phone number to track this MP's cellphone

A CBC/Radio-Canada demonstration shows just how easy it is for hackers halfway across the world to spy on a Canadian MP’s phone calls and track his movements.

Supreme Court, CRA express concern about cellphone trackers after CBC story: documents

The Supreme Court of Canada and a senior executive with the Canada Revenue Agency anxiously reached out to Canada's communications spy agency for help after a CBC story revealed cellphone tracking technology was being used near Parliament Hill.

RCMP used cellphone tracking technology unlawfully 6 times, says privacy watchdog

Canada's privacy commissioner says the RCMP has used cellphone tracking technology in a way that was "not lawful" six times.

Veterans see access to medical marijuana curtailed over doctors' concerns

Veterans who use medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder are having to go outside the network of clinics sanctioned by Veterans Affairs to get the drug due to concerns by doctors at the clinics about its effectiveness.

Benefit change gave wounded vets raises ranging from $1.39 to thousands a month: memo

A Liberal election promise to boost benefits for wounded veterans resulted in a wide range of monthly increases for retired soldiers, with the majority receiving a raise of at least $500 a month but a handful seeing less than $2 more a month.

Military, Veterans Affairs to test effects of medical marijuana on PTSD in clinical trial

The Canadian Forces and Veterans Affairs are setting up a clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of using medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder in military members and veterans.

Classified documents reveal crucial moments in response to 9/11-style attack

Classified documents released to CBC News lay bare the increased complexity of decisions military and civilian officials would be compelled to make in the years after the Sept. 11 attacks.