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Katie Simpson is a senior reporter in the Parliamentary Bureau of CBC News. Prior to joining the CBC, she spent nearly a decade in Toronto covering local and provincial issues.

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​'The new norm': Diplomat says Canada may need to get used to being alone on world stage

One week into the Canada-Saudi Arabia spat and there has been very little high-profile public support for the Canadian position. A former British high commissioner to Canada says this might be the new normal.

High level NAFTA preparation meetings set for Ottawa on Wednesday

Canada's ambassador to Washington will be spending Wednesday in Ottawa for a series of high level NAFTA preparation meetings. David MacNaughton is expected to sit down with members of the Prime Minister's Office and trade officials ahead of what could be a busy month of trade talks.

Canadian ambassador expects NAFTA talks will resume in the next few weeks

Canada's ambassador to the U.S. David MacNaughton tells Power & Politics he expects NAFTA talks will resume in the next few weeks. MacNaughton says coming to an agreement on autos will allow talks to advance to the outstanding issues of dispute resolution and the proposed "sunset clause."

U.S., Australia undermining China's trading relationship with Canada, ambassador suggests

China is keen to launch formal free trade talks with Canada, but its ambassador in Ottawa warns outside influences could disrupt the relationship. During an interview through a Mandarin translator, Ambassador Lu Shaye suggested Canada's key allies could be negatively influencing the Canada-China relationship.

Canadian company that helped build new World Trade Center hurt by Trump's steel tariffs

A Canadian steel company that helped build the new World Trade Center is feeling betrayed by U.S. tariffs on steel — and by the justification offered for those measures.

Stephen Harper expected to meet Trump's top economic adviser in Washington amid trade tensions

Former prime minister Stephen Harper is poised to meet with two top Trump administration officials in Washington against a backdrop of fractious talk over tariffs, CBC News has confirmed.

Trump's lumber tariffs make home ownership too expensive for more than a million Americans

U.S. tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber appear to be having a significant impact on American home buyers. The average price of a home there has increased by $9,000 since the tariffs came into effect - meaning more than one million Americans are no longer able to get into the housing market.

Canada's foreign affairs minister lands in Washington amid trade feud with Trump

Canada's foreign affairs minister is in Washington once again to push the country's anti-tariff, pro-NAFTA message. It is the first visit by a high-profile cabinet member since the trade feud with the United States erupted.

Ottawa makes plans to retaliate if U.S. follows through on auto tariff threat

Senior government officials are quietly drawing up a list of ways for Canada to retaliate if it's hit with even more tariffs by its closest ally.

UN secretary general says Canadian peacekeepers entering Mali 'war zone' but downplays risks

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres is trying to downplay the safety and security threats Canadian soldiers will face once they land on the ground in Mali.

Freeland returns to Washington as NAFTA, tariff tensions mount

Canada's foreign affairs minister will attempt to tackle a trifecta of trade troubles as she heads to Washington for a two day visit. Chrystia Freeland is trying to rekindle NAFTA negotiations, while securing exemptions for Canada from looming U.S. tariffs.

Updated Canada-Israel trade agreement to give gender rules 'teeth'

Canada and Israel are looking to deepen business ties through a modernized free trade agreement that will be revealed during an announcement in Montreal this afternoon.

Trudeau makes last-ditch pitch to Trump for early NAFTA deal

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made a direct appeal to Donald Trump to keep the momentum alive at the NAFTA negotiating table. During a phone call between the leaders on Monday, Trudeau pressed Trump for flexibility on some of the more difficult issues.

We won't back rushed NAFTA deal, say Democrats on U.S. trade sub-committee

The Trump administration could have a new fight on its hands if it tries to rush a NAFTA deal through Congress this spring.

'Just give us the rules': Canadian businesses anxiously await NAFTA outcome

Canada’s foreign affairs minister is in Washington this week, for another round of high level NAFTA discussions. Planning ahead is becoming more of a challenge for businesses that rely on trade, because of the uncertainty around the future of NAFTA.