Kathleen Harris

Senior Writer

Kathleen Harris is a senior writer in the CBC's Parliament Hill bureau. She covers politics, immigration, justice and corrections.

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Canadian soldier killed during parachuting training exercise in Bulgaria

A Canadian soldier has died of injuries sustained during parachuting while taking part in a multinational training exercise in Bulgaria.

Canadians can expect tight supply when cannabis edibles become legal mid-December, officials say

Canadians should expect a small supply of cannabis edibles when they become legal in mid-December, and the limited range of products won't include goodies that might appeal to kids, government officials say.

Ottawa picks 11 communities for pilot immigration project

The federal government has picked 11 communities from across Canada to kick off a new pilot program aimed at attracting immigrants to rural and northern communities.

MP Cooper's statements on NZ attacker will be purged from the official record

A controversial statement by Conservative MP Michael Cooper before the Commons justice committee — in which he named the New Zealand mosque shooter and recited passages from his manifesto — will be officially struck from the record.

Federal government takes steps to curb bus, truck driver fatigue in Canada

Canada is making it mandatory for federally regulated commercial truck and bus drivers to use electronic logging devices in an effort to combat driver fatigue and improve road safety.

Advisory council calls for $15B universal, single-payer pharmacare plan

An advisory council appointed by the Liberal government is recommending the establishment of a universal, single-payer public pharmacare system.

Audit flags risk of 'food-related health event' in Canadian prisons

A new federal audit raises quality and safety concerns regarding Canada's prison food system, warning of widespread waste, substandard meal portions and the risk of a "food-related health event" behind the wire.

Senate committee pushes Liberals to delay asylum seeker clampdown

A Senate committee is urging the government to delay implementation of a controversial change to Canada's asylum laws for one year in order to limit harm to the most vulnerable refugees.

Justice committee votes to scrub Conservative MP's 'hurtful' remarks to Muslim witness from official record

The House of Commons justice committee in Ottawa has voted to strike controversial remarks from Conservative MP Michael Cooper from the record.

Senate could expedite bill on judicial sexual assault training after 2-year wait

After languishing in the Senate for two years, a private member's bill that would require judges to undergo training on Canada's sexual assault laws could soon pass swiftly through the Red Chamber.

Federal government could face new lawsuit over family reunification program

The federal government is facing an angry backlash and the prospect of more legal action from immigrants trying to bring their parents or grandparents to Canada.

'Fear no more': Liberal government takes steps to help foreign workers, newcomers escape abuse

The Liberal government is taking a series of steps to help migrant workers trapped in an abusive workplace and newcomers to Canada who are victims of family violence.

Trudeau urges U.S. Democrats in Congress to pass new NAFTA

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appealed to U.S. Democrats in Congress today to pass the new North American trade deal, insisting it includes progressive provisions on labour and the environment on which they're aligned with Canadian Liberals.

Federal government quietly offered a settlement to halt lawsuits over immigration program

The federal government made a secret settlement to quash two lawsuits that claimed its contentious online application process to reunite immigrant families was flawed and unfair, CBC News has learned.

Liberals propose changes to citizenship oath to respect Indigenous rights

The Liberal government is revamping the citizenship oath so that new Canadians make a solemn commitment to respect Indigenous and treaty rights for First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.