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Karina Roman joined CBC's parliamentary bureau in 2008. She can be reached on email karina.roman@cbc.ca or on Twitter @karinaroman1

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Frustrated EI applicants find an end-run around overwhelmed call centres

Canadians forced to spend days trying to get through on Service Canada's designated phone line to sort out problems with their employment insurance applications are sharing tips through social media and web forums — including a link to an online form that can get an agent to call back within 48 hours.

EI claimants are going weeks without income as federal call system slows to a crawl

Canadians who have gone weeks without benefits because of issues with their EI applications are struggling to fix the problem because they cannot get through on the designated government phone lines.

By the numbers: Federal projected spending on direct supports due to COVID-19 hits $152.7B

The federal government's latest projection of how much it will spend on direct support for Canadians to get through the COVID-19 crisis has now reached more than $152.7 billion. Here's a guide to the most substantial programs.

Federal government has limited ability to ramp up COVID-19 testing nationwide, say officials

Federal government officials say Ottawa is doing what it can to help provinces ramp up their COVID-19 testing and contact tracing — but insist their ability to intervene in provinces that fall behind is limited.

Missed opportunities to address COVID-19 early may prolong response measures, experts say

Canada missed opportunities early on to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and put itself in a better position to flatten the curve of infections sooner, say experts looking at the country's response to the pandemic.

Mounting evidence of COVID-19 'silent spreaders' contradicts government's earlier messages

Researchers are finding mounting evidence that asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers are "driving" the rapid spread of the virus around the globe — contradicting what Canadian officials were saying just weeks ago.

Parliament Hill is getting the reno of the century — and some MPs say they're being kept in the dark

MPs are being asked to make some important choices about the decade-long renovation of the Centre Block of Parliament Hill — choices that could have a significant impact on how Canadians experience the nation's capital. But experts with knowledge of the project say MPs are not getting all the information they need to make those decisions.

Why Justin Trudeau is taking his time picking a new cabinet

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his inner circle are taking more time than they did in 2015 to choose a new cabinet, and are bringing in trusted advisers from the West and Quebec to avoid repeating past mistakes.

Lack of details in promises gives Liberals room to move but also raises questions

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has rolled out a spate of big policy announcements this week that have been noticeably short on  details — which leaves him room to manoeuvre as the campaign evolves, but also makes it difficult for voters to assess what the promises might mean.

Canada has a lot of catching up to do on sustainable growth, says panel

The federal government's Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance says Canada has a long way to go to achieve sustainable growth — and in its final report, being released today, it says financial markets will play a fundamental role in unlocking that economic potential.

Climate change threatens 'both the economy and the financial system,' says Bank of Canada

For the first time ever, the Bank of Canada has released a report examining the threat climate change poses to the country's financial system.

Finance minister's chief of staff Ben Chin moves to PMO

Ben Chin, the federal finance minister's chief of staff, is moving to the Prime Minister's Office to become a senior adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

'Cold comfort': Ottawa's plans to protect pensions not good enough, say critics

The federal government's latest proposed measures to protect pensions don't actually accomplish much, according to pensioner groups disappointed with the policy outlined in the Trudeau government's omnibus budget bill.

CRA executes search warrants on Vancouver properties in tax evasion case

The Canada Revenue Agency says its investigators executed two search warrants on two properties in Vancouver — part of an effort to find further evidence in a $77 million tax evasion case related to the Panama Papers.

Public servant gets tax agency to back down over Phoenix errors in income assessment

A federal government public servant recently succeeded in getting the Canada Revenue Agency to back down after taking the agency to court to force it to acknowledge that its tax assessment — based on inaccurate T4 slips — was wrong.