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While Trudeau earns hype abroad, here's what you think that buzz means at home

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has returned to Ottawa after a much-hyped first stint at the World Economic Forum's annual summit in Davos, Switzerland, where he enjoyed a star-like reception. Here's what you think about his visit.

PM returns to Canada after a feted first stint at Davos economic summit

Kevin Spacey, Bono and Justin Trudeau are seen here snapping a selfie in Davos, Switzerland last Wednesday while attending a dinner party hosted by Jack Ma, executive director and founder of the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba Group. The photo was posted on a Chinese-language news site. (SINA.com.cn)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has returned to Ottawa after a much-hyped first stint at the World Economic Forum's annual summit in Davos, Switzerland, where he enjoyed a star-like reception.

Trudeau's participation in the summit was feted by international press — a writer for The Guardian said "Trudeau is living up to his reputation as a 21st century leader" — and earned him face time with fans, investors and Hollywood stars.

We wanted to hear what you thought: What does all this buzz mean at home in Canada? Will it lead to results? The prime minister told the media that Davos was about attracting investment, rather than celebrity followers. Did you think that was the case?

We had you weigh in, sharing your stories, thoughts and comments via CBC Forum, our new attempt to encourage a different kind of conversation on our website.

Here are some of the most insightful comments, thoughts and concerns you added to the discussion.

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Some praised Trudeau for his performance in Davos and abroad ...

  • "I am proud that a Canadian prime minister has the juice to move comfortably in these circles. It is a rare thing to see Trudeau shining in the light while being criticized at home by the CBC and other media for not being perfect or on time with his promises." — Rickets
  • "Trudeau is changing the face the world sees about Canada. The world expects more of Canada and now we can hopefully deliver on that expectation." — Bochan

... while others remained critical and skeptical.

  • "He's shown us what it means to him with his behaviour and his words. You get what you pay for. I'm cutting him the slack though to see if there is more in than what he says and does when he actually gets SOMETHING done IN and FOR CANADA this week." — Politically Wrong Hausfrau
  • "I think most business people who he is trying to attract to Canada are going to see through his [sunny] ways. If I was an investor and watched a world leader posing for pictures like a celebrity, I would question his business skills and I wouldn't feel confident investing in a country where budgets balance themselves." — jessica
Trudeau, right, met with Martin Schulz, European Parliament president, in Zurich on Saturday before heading home. Canada and the EU are working toward finalizing a trade deal. (Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)

Many quibbled over his appearances alongside Hollywood celebrities, like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bono.

Trudeau defended his celebrity encounters when asked by reporters in Davos, arguing that meeting with potential investors and fans can lead to economic growth.

  • "I don't feel there is any relevance to shaking hands with celebrities in the guise of representing the people of Canada. That bunch only show up to show off and feed their ego." — Allen Lamontagne
  • "Networking and building relationships is extremely important. People must trust you in order for them to do business with you." — Info please

Others didn't weigh in because they felt Trudeau needed more time in office before he could be judged.

  • "I'll reserve judgement on this untested, untried PM. So far all of seen is flash not substance." — Don McLaughlin
  • "I'm in a wait and see pattern. I hope JT does well when he comes home because if and when he succeeds on the home front, we all succeed. But I am concerned; substance over form is of paramount importance." — picaquill

While the forum led to all sorts of detailed political opinions, some of the most relevant comments were the most succinct.

  • "Hollywood has no business sticking their noses into the Canada's business." — linnylou306
  • "We shouldn't expect the buzz to lead to quick results any more than previous international visits by other PMs don't lead to immediate contracts." — EOttawa​
  • "If our country is being sorted out, why does the photo op matter?" — Tim Arsenault

You can read the full CBC Forum live blog discussion on Trudeau and the impact of his international reputation below.

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