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Officials take look at zones for EI rules, hoping to avoid political pitfalls

A federal department is reconsidering the boundaries that determine how workers in different areas qualify for employment insurance, a move that could send political ripples through the country as some workers benefit while others find themselves with tougher hurdles to getting benefits.

MPs across party lines call for new housing subsidy to help homeless veterans

A cross-party group of MPs is asking the federal Liberals to create a new housing stipend to help thousands of this country's veterans get off the streets.

From Hawkesbury to Estevan, documents show towns to be hit hardest by automation

An internal government presentation from last August listed Hawkesbury as having the largest share of workers at high risk of being affected by automation.

Settlement groups fighting anti-Muslim backlash in Kingston, Ont.

Officials in Kingston, Ont., are planning a large community meeting to head off anti-Muslim sentiment following last week's terrorism-related arrests.

Federal watchdog says 4-year-old victims rights regime falling short

The new federal watchdog for victims of crime says rules meant to give victims and their families louder voices in the justice system have fallen short.

Mike Duffy appeals ruling blocking him from suing Senate for suspension

Sen. Mike Duffy is asking Ontario's Court of Appeal to overturn a decision blocking him from suing the Senate for millions of dollars over his dramatic and protracted suspension without pay more than five years ago.

Liberals drop contentious anti-abortion test for summer jobs funding

Contentious wording in Ottawa's summer jobs program that tied pro-choice beliefs on abortion to funding eligibility is being dropped after a backlash to what was styled last year as a values test. Instead, the federal Liberals have retooled the 2019 version of the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Housing watchdog at risk as Liberals worry about too much bureaucracy

Worried that they'd create too much new bureaucracy by hiring a new watchdog and setting up an adjudication system to enforce a right to housing they've promised, the federal Liberals appear ready to back off both.

Republican lawmakers question protection for LGBTQ and pregnant workers in USMCA

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau isn't saying what he is willing to do to keep a provision protecting labour rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and queer workers inside a renewed North American free trade pact.

Canadian spy chief has heard audio of Khashoggi murder, CSIS says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canadian intelligence officials have listened to a recording of the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Bank data furor threatens ability to compile accurate data: chief statistician

Well before Statistics Canada set out to scoop up private banking information from 500,000 Canadians, it had already collected reams of corporate and individual tax forms and health records — part of its growing reliance on "administrative data" sources instead of traditional surveys.

Shooting reshapes Liberals' apology for 1939 refusal of ship of Jewish refugees

The killings of 11 worshippers inside a Pittsburgh synagogue on the weekend has reframed the prime minister's plan for an apology on Canada's decision to close its doors to Jewish refugees during the Holocaust.

Supreme Court limits when accused drunk drivers can get breathalyzer logs

Canada's top court has set new limits for defendants trying to beat a drunk-driving charge in a ruling that may have consequences for anyone accused of being high behind the wheel.

1 in 7 sexual assault cases in 2017 deemed 'unfounded': StatsCan

Statistics Canada says some 3,900 sexual assaults reported to police in 2017 were deemed to be unfounded.

EI fraud hits five-year high, Liberals chalk it up to better monitoring

Employment Insurance fraud has hit a five-year high — a sign for federal officials that efforts to root out wrongful payments are working.