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RCMP workforce equity drive stalled last year, new statistics indicate

A drive to make the RCMP's workforce more diverse stalled last year as the Mounties struggled to become fully representative of the communities they police, newly available statistics show.

Survey finds Canadian NHL fans OK if country doesn't host playoff games

A web survey, conducted by polling firm Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies, found 47 per cent of those taking part thought it wasn't important that the puck drop in a Canadian arena should the NHL resume its season in the coming months.

Police need more than an unverified tip to avoid drug-case entrapment, says Canada's top court

An unsubstantiated tip that someone is dealing drugs from a phone number doesn't amount to reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled.

Federal government rejects 8 million N95 masks from single distributor

The federal government has suspended shipments of N95 respirators from a Montreal-based supplier after about eight million of the masks made in China failed to meet specifications. 

Federal government eyes new tools to help Access to Information system recover after COVID-19

The federal government says it will look at whether investments in new technology could help clear any backlog of information requests that arises from a COVID-19 related bottleneck. 

Test more correctional officers for COVID-19 to ease burden in prisons, union says

Widespread testing of correctional officers for COVID-19 would ease the current strain on hard-pressed staff, the national president of a union representing federal prison workers says.

Facebook wants federal court to overturn privacy commissioner's ruling on abuse of personal data

Facebook wants a judge to toss out the federal privacy watchdog's finding that the social media giant's lax practices allowed personal data to be used for political purposes.

Federal prisoner to be released over COVID-19 fears

An inmate with serious health problems will be let out of federal custody after he went to court over fear of contracting COVID-19 behind bars — a move his lawyer hopes will open the door for other vulnerable prisoners.

Liberal agenda on the shelf as government deals with COVID-19 pandemic

As a new year dawned, the government's throne-speech commitments, unfurled just weeks earlier, were grabbing headlines and galvanizing the attention of federal policy-makers. Now they're on a back burner.

Lawsuit over African mine can be heard in British Columbia: Supreme Court

A human-rights lawsuit against a Canadian mining company can be heard in British Columbia, even though it involves events in Africa, the Supreme Court of Canada says.

Cyberspies mistakenly eyed Canadian for five years, watchdog report says

The national cyberspying agency monitored a Canadian citizen, contrary to policy, for several years due to a series of internal mistakes, a newly released watchdog report says.

Federal agencies mishandled sensitive documents more than 5,000 times last year

As a senior RCMP intelligence official faces charges of disclosing secret information, new figures reveal thousands of incidents last year in which federal agencies, including the national police force, mishandled sensitive documents.

Scope of right-wing extremism vexed security officials, documents show

Canadian security officials have been grappling not only with how to address the growing threat of right-wing extremism, but also the best means of defining the phenomenon and explaining it to the public, newly released documents show.

Survey finds support among Canadians for broader assisted-dying law

As the federal government moves to revise the law on assisted dying, new survey results suggest most Canadians support medical help to end suffering even when a natural death is some time away.

Mounties defend social media profiling after assembling portrait of activist

The RCMP is defending its practice of profiling people by scouring their social media postings after a Toronto activist learned the Mounties had compiled a six-page profile of her.