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Bill Morneau's hasty bill to protect the steel industry carries risks

The broad political support greasing the wheels of C-101, Finance Minister Bill Morneau's new legislation to change Canada's trade safeguard rules, may obscure the calculated risk the Liberal government is taking with its strategy to protect the steel industry.

NAFTA bill lets Trudeau cabinet wait and see what U.S. Congress does

Strategic legislative drafting may allow the Trudeau government to pass an implementation bill for the revised North American trade agreement next month - while still giving Canada the flexibility to respond if the U.S. Congress changes the deal.

Steel yourself, Canada: Tariff deal falls short of 'a full lift'

The agreement to end steel and aluminum tariffs points to where the Trump administration's protectionism may head next - and it's not really a return to a North American free trade zone for steel and aluminum products.

Canada reveals final trade safeguards for heavy plate, stainless steel wire

The Canada Border Services Agency served notice Friday of the final safeguards that will shield the domestic steel industry from competition from cheaper foreign imports of heavy plate and stainless steel wire.

Morneau continues trade action on 2 foreign steel products, drops it for 5 others

Only two kinds of foreign steel imports, heavy plate and stainless steel wire, will continue to face trade remedies to protect Canada's steel industry, Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced Friday, following a trade tribunal report which saw no justification to keep protecting five other products.

The federal budget bill can't actually 'free the beer'

Justin Trudeau said this year's budget bill does what the Harper government could never do: free the beer. There's just one problem: only the provinces can free the beer, and most of them haven't — including Doug Ford's Ontario, despite its first budget being otherwise loaded with booze measures.

New NAFTA could add $62B to U.S. GDP, boost jobs, Congress told

The case for ratifying the revised North American trade agreement got a boost Thursday with the release of a new analysis by the U.S. International Trade Commission that predicted economic gains for all three partners if its changes are implemented.

Canada exempts $110M more of U.S. imports from retaliatory tariffs

Earlier this week, the Finance Department quietly added $110 million worth of products and businesses to its list of exemptions from Canada's retaliatory tariffs on U.S. imports. While this relief protects jobs, it undermines pressure the Trudeau government wants to keep on the Trump administration.

Construction industry warns Trudeau not to extend surtax on foreign steel

Canada's construction industry is warning the federal government not to overrule its trade tribunal and extend a surtax on five types of foreign steel, as a fierce lobbying campaign continues by domestic steelmakers — one of whom spoke openly Thursday about how accessible Trudeau's cabinet has been.

Provinces agree to raise personal exemption for interprovincial booze sales

The amount of liquor individuals can bring across a provincial boundary for personal use is set to at least double, following a deal struck at the Council of the Federation meetings in Saint Andrews, N.B.

Canada ends surtax on 5 kinds of foreign steel

Five types of foreign steel will no longer face a 25 per cent surtax in Canada after the Canadian International Trade Tribunal filed a report that found inadequate evidence to justify most of the Finance Department's emergency safeguards to protect Canadian steelmakers.

Canada collects $839M in steel and aluminum tariffs, but aid for sector mostly unspent

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland told an interviewer in Davos this week that if the U.S. drops its steel and aluminum tariffs, Canada will too, "30 seconds later." But until that happens, the tariffs remain lucrative: They raked in $839 million in the six months leading up to Dec. 31.

Care to share that? Ottawa cuts steel deal with Mexico - but doesn't tell trade tribunal

The Department of Finance didn't inform the Canadian International Trade Tribunal investigating the merits of its emergency safeguards on foreign steel when it quietly signed an agreement to allow more Mexican steel to enter Canada without paying the surtax.

Trade tribunal set to release report on steel safeguards today

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal is expected to release its report late Wednesday on Finance Minister Bill Morneau's use of emergency safeguard measures to shield Canada's domestic market from seven types of foreign steel.

Tariffs raise 'serious questions' about NAFTA ratification, Freeland says

Chrystia Freeland left a meeting with United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer Monday sounding like a minister in no hurry to ratify the revised North American trade deal, so long as steel and aluminum tariffs continue to apply to Canada–U.S. trade.