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Agreement between WE and federal government set aside only $500 million for student grants: documents

Documents shared with the Commons finance committee today suggest that although the Canada Student Service Grant was allocated a $900 million budget, officials had drawn up a plan with the WE Charity Foundation to spend only some of that amount.

Paying volunteer students less than minimum wage was federal government's idea, says WE Charity

As the Commons finance committee prepares for more testimony on the controversial Canada Student Service Grant, WE Charity says one of the more contentious aspects of the program's design — paying students less than minimum wage for their hours of work — was the government's idea.

Charities question whether WE-run student program would have been worth the money

Potential partners and participants in the Canada Student Service Grant program are questioning how money from the $912 million student summer grant program was being spent by WE Charity, and whether the programming would have provided meaningful experiences for student volunteers.

Bill Morneau has family ties to WE Charity, did not steer clear of cabinet discussion of contract

Finance Minister Bill Morneau did not recuse himself from the Liberal cabinet’s consideration of a $19.5 million contract for WE Charity, despite the involvement of two of his immediate family members in the charity — one of them as a paid contract employee.

PM's mother Margaret and brother Alexandre were both paid to speak at WE Charity events

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's mother Margaret and his brother Alexandre have both been paid tens of thousands of dollars to appear at WE Charity events.

WE Charity is out of grant program, but issues remain with paying student volunteers

WE Charity may no longer be in charge of administering the Canada Student Service Grant, but concerns remain about whether it’s appropriate to pay students effectively less than minimum wage for their volunteer hours.

The new NAFTA tried not to change too much — and then the pandemic changed everything

As negotiators shook hands on the revised North American free trade agreement, they couldn’t have foreseen the fundamental upheaval their countries would soon be facing thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teachers to be paid $12K to recruit and manage students under government program with WE Charity

A key piece of a much-scrutinized $900-million program to get youth working in the community will also pay teachers $12,000 each to recruit and mentor students over the summer.

How new American tariffs on Canadian aluminum could backfire

If the Trump administration buys the argument that Canadian aluminum exports have surged and slaps a ten per cent tariff back on products imported from Canada, the move could end up hurting Americans instead, warns the head of the association representing Canada's aluminum producers.

New NAFTA takes effect next month. U.S. is already threatening legal challenges

The new North American trade agreement isn’t even in effect yet and the Trump administration is warning Canada and Mexico might face legal actions under the deal.

U.K. wants to join Pacific trade pact as trade deal with Canada approaches its end

With just over six months remaining before Canada’s current free trade arrangement with the United Kingdom expires, the British government signalled today that it intends to join another trade agreement in which Canada is already a partner: the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Federal government opens application process for $50M food surplus program

Applications are now open for the federal government's newly renamed surplus food rescue program — and more has changed than just the program's name.

Emergency programs to support pandemic-struck businesses less popular than expected

Finance Minister Bill Morneau touted the success of his government's COVID-19 response programs for small businesses during his appearance at the Commons finance committee Thursday — even as his department's most recent briefing for that same committee suggests several of those programs remain undersubscribed.

Ontario's auto sector returns to work under a COVID-19 cloud of doubt

Thousands of Ontario auto workers are returning to work this month, resuming their places in the supply chain as the North American industry’s ecosystem slowly wakes from its COVID-19 coma.

New U.K. tariff list ramps up urgency of Canada-U.K. trade talks

The United Kingdom has revised its global tariff strategy, laying out for Canada and other trading partners the rates that will apply to their exports as of Jan. 1, 2021 — and in the process, setting out Britain's starting position for future bilateral trade talks.