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James Cudmore covered politics and military affairs for CBC News until Jan. 8, 2016.

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Military procurement chief says shipbuilding process isn't 'broken'

The head of Canada's military procurement admits the Defence Department needs to reform the way it buys equipment and runs its major projects. But he says things are not as bad as they may seem.

Design of Coast Guard's fisheries ships led to fears of capsizing

The design for the Coast Guard's new fisheries and science vessels produced a ship so unstable that some engineers thought it was unseaworthy, and if sailed on the open ocean it would have capsized in heavy seas, CBC News has learned.

Liberal government to hire shipbuilding expert after costs soar

The new Liberal government has moved to reform Canada's costly National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy, promising a new system to evaluate costs, launch quarterly public updates and provide annual reports to Parliament.

Warship cost could rise to $30B, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman confirms

In an exclusive interview with CBC News, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman says Canadians could be asked to pay as much as $30 billion just to build new warships, and perhaps billions more to manage the program and buy spare parts and ammunition.

Cost to build navy's new warships more than doubles to $30B

An independent analysis of the largest military procurement in Canadian history has found the price of 15 new warships for the navy has more than doubled, from $14 billion initially set aside for construction to more than $30 billion.

Davie Shipyard's $700M deal for navy supply ship retrofit to go ahead

The federal government will proceed with a $700-million plan to retrofit an interim navy supply ship at Quebec's Davie Shipyard. The deal was put in jeopardy two weeks ago when the Liberals put it on hold for 60 days while they re-examined the initial contract.

Shipbuilding strategy needs work to get ballooning costs under control, ministers told

The government's massive $39-billion national shipbuilding procurement strategy is in need of repair, with costs for some projects soaring by as much as 181 per cent and others on the cusp of being cancelled, according to briefing materials prepared for some Liberal ministers.

Seaspan joins fight against $700M Davie supply ship deal

Yet another Canadian shipyard has written to the government asking for a competition in a now controversial plan to have a civilian cargo ship converted to a supply ship and chartered to the navy.

Shipbuilding association calls Davie contract for navy supply ship 'fair'

The association representing Canada’s shipbuilders has taken the extraordinary step of chastising a key Canadian shipyard for allegedly overstating its case in a growing spat over a government ship contract.

Davie interim supply ship $700M deal delayed by Liberals

The new Liberal government is delaying approval of a deal to convert a civilian cargo ship into a badly needed military supply vessel, CBC News has learned.

Harjit Sajjan says expanding military training must avoid negative 'ripple effect'

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says expanding Canada's military training mission must avoid having a negative "ripple effect." as the government looks to retool its contribution to the U.S.-led mission against ISIS in Iraq.

There are signs Canadian commandos are battling ISIS in northern Iraq

The Defence Department refuses to discuss what Canada's military advisers are currently up to in northern Iraq, but indications are that special forces might have participated in the push to retake Sinjar, an important town, from ISIS — just as the Liberals look to transition out of a combat role.

New Afghan detainee abuse allegations prompt military watchdog to investigate

Anonymous allegations that Canada's military police mistreated Afghan detainees five years ago will be investigated by the Military Police Complaints Commission, the agency says.

Tom Mulcair will face caucus for 1st time since election losses Wednesday

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair will emerge in public Wednesday afternoon for the first time since losing nearly half of his caucus on Oct. 19.

Military to hire gender specialists for operational advice overseas

Canada's top general plans to hire gender specialists to assist military planners in preparing to fight and operate abroad. Gen. Jonathan Vance says the advisers would be assigned to a central staff headquarters in Ottawa, and also to the military's operational command that oversees all missions at home and abroad.