NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh marries clothing designer Gurkiran Kaur

Jagmeet Singh, 38, and entrepreneur and fashion designer Gurkiran Kaur, 27, married Thursday night, a NDP spokesperson confirmed.

The couple will spend a few days in Mexico for their honeymoon

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh married Gurkiran Kaur Thursday. They will honeymoon in Mexico, said a party spokesperson. (jagmeet Singh/Instagram)

In the words of NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, "It's official."

Singh, 38, and entrepreneur and fashion designer Gurkiran  Kaur, 27, married Thursday night, a party spokesperson confirmed.

"They're spending the next few days in Mexico as part of their honeymoon," said James Smith.

Thursday's event was the final ritual capping off the traditional Punjabi wedding ceremony. On Friday, Singh posted a picture of the couple on Instagram with the caption, "it's official!!!"

The courtship caused some confusion when the couple posted photos of their 'roka' in December, leading to some to speculate they had been married already. A roka is a ceremony that precedes a traditional Sikh wedding and signals that the courtship phase has ended (the word 'roka' means "to stop").

Until that ceremony was over, Singh had declined to confirm that he was in a relationship.

Singh proposed to Kaur at a somewhat private party in January, with only a few media representatives attending.

Other ceremonies — like the 'sangeet', a celebration organized by the bride's family — were also shared on social media.

Singh was elected leader of the federal NDP in October, but doesn't hold a seat in the House of Commons.


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