ISIS combat debate: NDP amendment would block combat, boost aid

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has put forward a proposal to amend the motion on Canada's role in Iraq. Read the full text here.

Amendment from NDP Leader Tom Mulcair during Monday's debate backs weapons transport, monthly reports

NDP leader Tom Mulcair has proposed an amendment that would see Canada focus its anti-ISIS efforts on humanitarian aid, and require regular reporting on the progress of the mission to a House committee. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

The full text of New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair's proposed amendment to the government's motion seeking House support for their decision to expand and extend Canada's role in the fight against ISIS: 

That Government Business No. 13 be amended:
a)            by deleting clause iii) and replacing it with the following:

iii)           accept that, unless confronted with strong and direct force from capable and enabled local forces, the threat ISIL poses to international peace and security, including to Canadian communities, will continue to grow;

b)            by deleting all words after “accordingly” and replacing them with the following:

g.            continue to offer its resolute and wholehearted support to the brave men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces who stand on guard for all of us.