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Is Canada set to combat ISIS in Iraq? Replay Wednesdays with @Kady

Kady O'Malley and Janyce McGregor field your questions and comments on how Canada seems to be shifting to a combat mission to fight ISIS in Iraq and the big (and expensive) push on Canada's EU trade agreement.

Plus: What should we make of the Canada-EU trade deal? Replay the chat with blogger Kady O'Malley

CBC.ca politics blogger Kady O'Malley chats weekly with readers on Wednesdays With @Kady. (CBC)

When the crisis in Iraq started, Canada's response was a rhetorical assault, backed up by humanitarian aid and military logistics support. 

But as the fight against ISIS grinds on, it appears the Harper government is shifting in the direction of a combat mission that could see CF-18s join the ongoing airstrikes in the near future, among other military options.

This week on our weekly Wednesdays with Kady live chat: how do you feel about the march towards a combat mission for Canadian troops? What do you expect from Canada's Parliament when that's afoot?

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