Highlights from the 2013 federal budget

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tabled his 2013 budget Thursday. Click for a look at some of the hightlights.

Deficit grows in the short-term but on track to balanced budget, says Flaherty

2013 budget unveiled

11 years ago
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Finance Minister Jim Flaherty unveiled the 2013 federal budget on Thursday with little new spending focused on eliminating the deficit by 2015

Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty tabled his 2013 budget Thursday. Here is a look at some of the hightlights:

  • $900 million in new spending, no new taxes or tax cuts
  • $400 million in revenue from closed tax loopholes and enforcement
  • Deficit grows to $18.7 billion – up $2.2 billion from November update
  • Creation of a new Canada Job Grant next year to train workers
  • New 10-year, $14.4 billion infrastructure fund starting in 2014
  • $241 million over five years for First Nations skills training
  • $1 billion over 5 years for aerospace industry and research
  • Snitch line and rewards to catch international tax cheats
  • CIDA wrapped into renamed Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development
  • Gas tax fund for cities to increase two per cent each year
  • Tariffs eliminated for most imported sports goods, kids’ clothing
  • For small business, extension of EI credit for new hires
  •  $119 million over five years to transition homeless off the streets
  • "Super" tax credit to encourage young Canadians to donate
  • Expanded tax credit for adoption-related expenses
  • $8 million to refurbish Toronto's Massey Hall concert venue
  • Sick leave on the table in public sector labour talks
  • Refund for veterans’ funerals and burials doubled to $7,376