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Hannah Thibedeau is a veteran political reporter having covered the Hill for more than 15 years, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. She covers politics for CBC TV, CBC Radio and CBC Politics online.

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MacKay calls Paris climate targets 'aspirational' but isn't abandoning them

Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay says Canada's Paris climate targets are a "dream" — but he's not ready to abandon them or conclude they're unachievable.

Peter MacKay 'not happy' with tweet needling Trudeau over yoga expenses

Peter MacKay was "not happy" with a tweet issued by his leadership team poking fun at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's yoga habit, the Conservative leadership candidate told CBC News today.

Rick Peterson launches his leadership bid as Conservatives push John Baird to run

As Alberta businessman Rick Peterson formally announced his bid for the Conservative Party leadership today, sources are saying some prominent former Conservative cabinet ministers — including John Baird — are being pressured to jump into the race themselves.

Ex-Harper aide Ian Brodie joins Andrew Scheer's office

Former prime minister Stephen Harper's ex-chief of staff Ian Brodie is coming back to help Andrew Scheer for the next six months.

Rona Ambrose says she won't run for the Conservative leadership

Former interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose will not enter the race to succeed Andrew Scheer as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. 

Businessman Rick Peterson is taking a second run at the Conservative leadership

The Conservative leadership race is getting its first Western Canadian candidate: Edmonton-based venture capitalist Rick Peterson, who ran and lost to Andrew Scheer in 2017.

Baird report blames inexperienced staff, centralized control for Conservatives' election loss

An internal Conservative Party report on the party's performance in the 2019 federal election under Andrew Scheer blames inexperienced staffers and a decision to centralize control over the campaign in the hands of campaign manager Hamish Marshall, CBC News has learned.

Businessman Bryan Brulotte won't seek Conservative leadership

Businessman Bryan Brulotte will not run in the Conservative leadership race and is advocating for former Conservative cabinet minister Peter MacKay to run instead, CBC News has learned.

MP Marilyn Gladu is running for the Conservative leadership

Ontario MP Marilyn Gladu is running for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, CBC News has learned.

A Charest candidacy would not push MacKay out of the Conservative leadership race, says campaign source

A source close to what could be Peter MacKay's Conservative leadership campaign says the former Harper cabinet minister's decision on whether to run won't depend on what ex-Quebec premier Jean Charest does next.

The only female premier left in office is N.W.T.'s Caroline Cochrane

Only a few short years ago almost half of Canada’s provinces and territories had a female premier, today that is down to just one; the Northwest Territories’ Caroline Cochrane. It is a state of affairs that former Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne told CBC she views as a disappointment.

Ford rallying premiers to call for large increase in federal health transfers

Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s top priority at Monday’s meeting of provincial and territorial leaders is to push the federal government to boost its annual health care transfers to the provinces — and this time, there are signs the Liberals are not ruling it out.

Ed Fast rejects Scheer's offer of critic's post, cites leadership concerns

Ed Fast, a former trade minister under Stephen Harper, has declined an offer to serve in Andrew Scheer's "shadow cabinet," citing concerns about his leadership.

Harper's ex-campaign director joins voices calling on Scheer to quit Conservative leadership

As his foes within the Conservative Party mobilize to get Andrew Scheer out of the leadership well before the spring, Stephen Harper's former campaign director is warning him not to cling to the job.

Conservatives planning a sweeping three-part review of party's 2019 campaign

Former cabinet minister John Baird's external review of the Conservative Party of Canada's election performance is just one part of what Conservatives are calling a sweeping effort to get at the reasons behind the party's recent defeat.