The Pollcast: NDP leadership race simmers over summer

NDP leadership contestants get ready for a long, hot summer of campaigning. Host Éric Grenier is joined by NDP insiders Sally Housser and Robin MacLachlan to break down the state of the race.

Host Éric Grenier is joined by NDP insiders Sally Housser and Robin MacLachlan

B.C. MP Peter Julian, Ontario MP Charlie Angus, Ontario MPP Jagmeet Singh, Manitoba MP Niki Ashton, and Quebec MP Guy Caron are running to lead the NDP. (CBC)

The CBC Pollcast, hosted by CBC poll analyst Éric Grenier, explores the world of electoral politics, political polls and the trends they reveal.

Voting for the leader of the federal NDP begins in September, with the results of the first round announced on Oct. 1. 

That means the five contestants for the NDP leadership have just three months to sign-up new members and convince existing members to vote for them.

The deadline for entering the NDP leadership race is July 3, so the field of candidates may already be set: B.C. MP Peter Julian, Manitoba MP Niki Ashton, Ontario MP Charlie Angus, Quebec MP Guy Caron and Ontario MPP Jagmeet Singh.

Angus was the early fundraising front-runner but Singh is the candidate with the buzz. Is he a real contender? How are the other candidates' campaigns unfolding? And what lessons might the NDP draw from Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn's surprising — but still losing — finish in the United Kingdom's recent general election?

To answer these and other questions, Pollcast host Éric Grenier is joined again by NDP insiders Sally Housser of Navigator and Robin MacLachlan of Summa Strategies.

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