The Pollcast: The Liberals and their digital revolution

Susan Delacourt, author of "Shopping for Votes," joins host Éric Grenier to discuss how the Liberals upped their digital game to win the 2015 federal election.

Host Éric Grenier is joined by Susan Delacourt, author of 'Shopping for Votes'

Justin Trudeau's Liberals used Big Data to help it win the 2015 federal election. (Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press)

The CBC Pollcast, hosted by CBC poll analyst and ThreeHundredEight.com founder Éric Grenier, explores the world of electoral politics and political polls.

For years, the Conservatives beat their rivals at the ballot box thanks in part to their superior skills at slicing and dicing the electorate. They learned a lot about their potential supporters and appealed to them as consumers. Then they reaped the electoral rewards.

But their election-winning strategy hit a wall in 2015 when the Liberals finally caught up in the data wars and employed new and risky advertising strategies with success.

"Shopping for Votes: How Politicians Choose Us and We Choose Them," originally published in 2013, delves into how politics and marketing have come together in Canada.

Susan Delacourt, columnist for the Toronto Star and iPolitics and author of the book, joins host Éric Grenier to discuss the new chapters in her updated edition that look at how the Liberals won in 2015.

Susan Delacourt joins us to discuss the new edition of her book "Shopping for Votes" that includes new information about the 2015 election campaign. 22:21

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