The Pollcast: The DNC in the City of Brotherly Love

Can the Democrats come out of their national convention in Philadelphia as a united party? Will the convention give Hillary Clinton the boost she needs to hold Donald Trump off? Host Éric Grenier is joined by the CBC's Keith Boag from Philadelphia.

Host Éric Grenier is joined by the CBC's Keith Boag from the Democratic National Convention

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton needs all of her party to get behind her if she is to beat Donald Trump. (The Associated Press / Andrew Harnik)

The CBC Pollcast, hosted by CBC poll analyst Éric Grenier, explores the world of electoral politics, political polls and the trends they reveal.

After the Republicans got their time in the spotlight last week in Cleveland, now it's the Democrats' turn. 

But will the Democratic convention in Philadelphia this week give them the unity that Hillary Clinton needs to take on Donald Trump?

National polls indicate that Donald Trump did get a boost coming out of his party's convention. That's turned the race to the White House into one that is increasingly difficult to call.

But convention bumps are historically common. If Clinton gets the same bump out of her convention, Trump will once again be this campaign's underdog.

But with the Democratic Party still divided between Clinton supporters and those backing Bernie Sanders, that might be a big 'if'.

Joining host Éric Grenier from Philadelphia on this week's episode of the Pollcast is Keith Boag, the CBC's senior reporter in Washington, D.C.

We check in with CBC senior reporter Keith Boag who's covering the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

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