Green Party leader accidentally endorses Liberal environment plan

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul accidentally endorsed the Liberal climate plan at a press conference Thursday. Her campaign later said that she misspoke.

Paul and her campaign later said that she misspoke

Green leader accidentally endorses Liberal climate plan

2 years ago
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Featured VideoGreen Party Leader Annamie Paul slipped up during a press conference and appeared to endorse the Liberals' plan on climate change before later correcting herself.

It was an endorsement Justin Trudeau and the Liberals probably weren't expecting.

At a press conference this afternoon in Toronto, Green Party Leader Annamie Paul appeared to give a thumbs-up to the Liberals' plan on climate change.

"I'll tell the people of Canada that if you want a real plan, one that is going to grow our economy, that is going to put us at the front of the competitive green economy of the future ... the only option in this election for you is the Liberals," Paul said.

In a media statement subsequently sent to CBC News, Paul's press secretary Rosie Emery said the Green leader misspoke.

"Ms. Paul does not support the Liberal climate plan. What she meant to say was that the Green Party cannot support it, and that we must work collaboratively to confront climate change and that the Green Party platform remains the only platform with clear climate action," the statement reads.

In a video posted to Twitter, Paul acknowledged both the mistake and its potential as a meme.

"It was bound to happen. You do one press conference too many without having had your lunch, and there you go — saying things that are definitely, definitely good for a meme." Paul said in a video posted to Twitter.

"What I meant to say is that if you want real action on the climate, if you want the real possibility of the strong, green economy of the future, if you want Canada to join the green rush that's going on globally, then there's one option and one option only, and that is ... the Greens."

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