Follow election night coverage on our live results page

Personalize your election night on our live results page. Real-time results, live video streams and more.

Personalize your election night on our live results page. Bookmark the ridings you want to follow, watch live video dedicated to each major party, see full results for every riding, party and candidate in the country. 

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Here are the features you can use tonight:

National Results

See leading, elected and vote totals for every party in Canada

Riding Results

Live results and vote totals for every party in every riding in Canada

Browse results by map or by lists

Use the "My Favourites" tab to build a list of ridings you want to follow. To do this, click the star icon beside any riding or candidate to add it to your list of favourites. Click the yellow star again to remove the riding from your list. Build your list as the night goes on and the story changes.

Follow the CBC News list of key battles and see why those ridings matter under the "Ridings to Watch" tab

Follow the CBC News list of "Star Candidates" and see who's winning and losing

Follow a list of party leaders and cabinet members and see who's winning and if anyone is losing their seat


We tell the story in real time in our "Discussion" forum

Breaking news, instant analysis, photos and video from across the country

Q&As with special guests through the night

Submit your questions and comments

Live Video

Watch the CBC News TV special hosted by Peter Mansbridge

Listen to the CBC News Radio special hosted by Susan Bonner and Michael Enright

We have four channels, one dedicated to each major party where you can peek live into each party's headquarters and see what's happening. Then, watch comments and speeches from party members on their respective channels.

Top Stories

Read the top election stories of the night from CBC News

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